Walk-in to my dreams..

a girl can dream..

I’m in the mids of renovating and decorating my new home. The one room i’m embarassed about having not gotten to YET is my closet(or the 10 square meter former study room). I have a plan but haven’t gotten around to execute it since the house had other priorities such as the main living areas.  So now i have a room with a big pile of clothing bags and moving boxes and it frustrates me every morning having to dive in there to search for single items not being to find anything .. trust me it’s no fun. So to motivate myself i filled my clostet inspiration folder on my computer with jpg’s galore . Sometimes highly unrealistic but  jawdropping, envy-envoking pictures.. but now it’s time to share some of that with you guys and maybe it will be the kick in the … i need to get started on mine 😉 Practical storage solutions i guess are organizing everything till you can’t organize anymore; plastic containters, double rails, using the whole space you got(so as high as you can build the system is best). I chose pictures of some of the more atainable closets. I don’t want to make myself feel worse.

this is also part of my master plan- one glamourously wallpapered wall.

it really adds an atmosphere of ultra stylishness

i think this is a changing room, but the wallpaper is gorge

light and spacious feel

ceiling is the limit

not afraid of colour

love the chandelier

this is still within realistic proportions right??

love the rug but i’d need a housekeeper to keep the room dust-free

Olivia Palermo’s closet- the big mirror is not only practical but makes the room look more spacious

this is if you rather have clothing room that a living room

If you have a simple clean clothing collection or want to display your prettiest clothes a single rail(or branch) storage is for you:

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