Shirley and Elijah are bored children in new advertising movie

The lovely trashcangirl wrote about eyewear brand Oliver Peoples upcoming campaign featuring Shirley Manson and Elijah Wood last year and now it’s finally here!

Oliver Peoples has brought us some spiffy advertising campaigns in the past. Last year it starred Zooey Deschanel and Matt Costa. This year a new dynamic duo takes their place. Shirley and Elijah are the new stars of yet another escapist campaign movie called “Les enfants sennuient le dimanche”(children are bored on sundays) .Advertising with short indie films on youtube has become a marketing trend the last couple of years. Erin Fetherston is a good example of that. Using popular indie actors/musicians gives brands like that more attention and street-cred than a simple advertising campaign would. I think it’s pretty genious and a lot of fun to watch.

playing in the background is Malaysian singer Zee Avi’s  “Just You and Me”

The movie was shot by another blogged-about- brilliant duo; photographer/director Autumn de Wilde and stylist Shirley Kurata, known for their quirky, retro, vivid and some might say Wes Andersonian take on style.

Shirley wears a black and white dress by Andrea Lieberman’s A.L.C. line for which Autumn did promotional stills that were featured in ELLE magazine last year.

stuffed peacock! *dies*


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