The Eyes of Mars

Dior is promoting their Lady Dior bags by making four promotional mini movies. The first movie “Lady Noir” was released last year, and the second movie “Lady Rouge” is out now. Personally, I think the movies are not that interesting, but “Lady Rouge” made me jump up and down with joy. The music for the promo film is made by the masters of catchy pop tunes: Franz Ferdinand.  The song is amazing, although it’s completely out of place in this commercial. I mean, the designer bag buying ladies don’t give a f….k about Franz Ferdinand, and it seems such a waste to use a brilliant song in a mediocre commercial.  

The lead vocals of the song  “The Eyes of Mars” are by french Actress Marion Cotillard. She’s not only doing the movies, but is also starring in the printed Lady Dior advertisment campaign.

The movie was shot in New York in 2009, directed by Jonas Akerlund. The next part of  the Lady Dior series will be filmed in Shanghai by David Lynch (!).

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