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R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

Yesterday the very sad news came that designer Alexander McQueen has died. A couple of years ago I saw one of his runway shows on tv and I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen, because what I saw was like an extraterrestrial, magical world of fashion. Since then I’ve always been a big fan.

Just to show a little bit of his brilliance, here’s an impression of his latest shows.

Spring / Summer 2010

The spring /summer 2010 collection was an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves. This vision was shown through short dresses with nipped-waists and sea-reptile prints.  


part 2:



Fall 2009 / Winter 2010

The Fall 2009 / Winter 2010 collection was his protest against the predictability in fashion. The clothes were high-drama satires of twentieth-century landmark fashion: parodies of Christian Dior houndstooth New Look and Chanel tweed suits, moving through harsh orange and black harlequinade looks to revisited showstoppers from McQueen’s own archive.

part 1:

part 2:



One of  his fashions shows that is now legendary was his Fall 2006 collection, in which a vision of Kate Moss appeared: a hologram made by video maker Baillie Walsh, art-directed by McQueen.

Kate was a close friend of Mcqueen and appeared in some of his shows. When Kate had her cocaine scandal in 2005, Alexander showed his support by wearing this t-shirt at the Spring / Summer 2006 show.

In 2009 he made an affordable line for the US retail brand Target, check out our post about that. But the was also made a shoe and clothing line for the Puma Black Label.

He sure will be missed…

Collection pictures from style.com.



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From Bunny to Mouse

The Louis Vuitton bunny ears are sóóó 2009, darling. If you want to be on trend, forget the bunny ears and start wearing Minnie Mouse ears. To complete the look wear a fifties polkadot dress with cute little pumps…

No, I’m not kidding, the mouse ears are everywhere at the moment. It started this Fall with the Mochino Cheap & Chic collection, then Luella came with the bows-dress-pumps look, and in the December 2009 issue of Vogue Germany, model Chanel Iman stars in a fashion spread influenced by miss Minnie Mouse.

Here’s the proof:

Luella, Spring 2010 collection

Dolce & Gabbana Minnie Mouse t-shirt, don’t know what season…..

Moschino Cheap & Chic, Fall 2009

Vogue Germany, December 2009

Vogue Russia

Minnie in real life, pictures from lookbook.com: 

 (B., show this post to your boss, he obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about!)

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Witchcraft by Lula

Colleague blogster Paulina just told me that the new edition of Lula Magazine will be in stores soon.  Huray!


Not only is there a new edition, but Lula also has a new website with a great scrapbook (www.lulamag.com/scrapbook) and an exclusive film named “Spell” will be part of the website. The movie isn’t added to their website yet, but can be previewed on the Topshop website (the clothes in the movie are from Topshop) and Youtube. Dakota Goldhor, Nina Persson and Melissa auf the Maur are all part of the film. Good to see Melissa again!

Some images from the movie:








The complete movie:

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Kinky or Cool: Over the Knee Boots

Once in every five years “over the knee boots” make a comeback. And every time I’m tempted to give it a try and buy them, but always have some excuses not to. The very small, sane part of my brain says: “You will look like a cheap tart, you can’t wear them to work (some of my clients are extremely conservative christian white males), and they will only last one season. But then I saw these pictures of the Dutch Royal Family: Princess Maxima is wearing them! Shocking! I mean, if she can wear them, so can I! So maybe I’m going to listen to the little devil in my head this time and wave my creditcard… 


 Royal Highness Princess Maxima wearing brown and grey suede over the knee boots. (And leopard……I suddenly feel very frumpy).

600full-brigitte-bardot12 bb6Brigitte Bardot’s wearing hers with a leather and sequin mini dress.

mjMarc Jacobs, Fall 2009. 

Daisy Lowe attends the Fendi 'O' party at Le Milliardaire club to celebrate Dita Von Teese birthday on October 4, 2008 in Paris, France.Daisy Lowe showing her boots and her underwear. 


The Royal Highness of Cool: Debbie Harry.

gucci fall 2009Gucci, Fall 2009. 


Lindsay Lohan on the September 2009 cover of Elle UK.

isabel marant rtw fall 2009

Isabel Marant, Fall 2009.

barbara parkins

Actress Barbara Parkins (Valley of the Dolls) from head to toe in leather.

roberto cavalli rtv fall 2009

I never thought I would like Roberto Cavalli, but I love the dress and the boots – from the Fall 2009 collection.


 Raquel Zimmermann as Debbie Harry with trademark boots in French Vogue, September 2009. 


And ofcourse: Kate. Shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue China, December 2008.

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Follow in Erin’s stylish footsteps

Did we really need more proof that everything Erin Fetherstone touches turns to lovely? YES, i tell you, yes indeed we did.  Erin has teamed up on multiple occasions now, with a visionary artist/director (twice Ellen von Unwerth and once with her fiance Hedi Ferjani) to make a short film presenting her current collection. For the fall ’09 collection Erin worked together with director Marisa Crawford. The result is a charming  modern fairytale impression of “The Pied Piper” called “Birds of a Fether” in which Erin stars in the title role of the pied piper ..  she walks the streets of New York tooting her bejeweled trumpett and enchants fabulously clad(in EF fall’09- of course) ladies into following her in a parade of lovely.(YES!)

for you some moving and still imaginary:

Afbeelding 5

Afbeelding 6

Afbeelding 10

Afbeelding 12

Afbeelding 14

Afbeelding 8

Afbeelding 24

Afbeelding 25

Afbeelding 18

Afbeelding 26

Afbeelding 39

Afbeelding 37

Afbeelding 35

Erin’s previous film projects.

Wendybird(starring Kirsten Dunst) directed by Ellen von Unwerth

Dreamy Wander (starring Zooey Deschanel) directed by Ellen von Unwerth

Dollhouse directed by Hedi Ferjani

shopbop.com has a whole feature about the collection, including the film(which debuted on their site), a contest and you also for the first time at their site shop the collection!(if your clothing allowence allows you so of course *sigh*)

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HL made KILLER heels!

Is Gwen Stefani’s Japanes Inspired line Harajuku Lovers gonna top her high-end label L.A.M.B shoe wise?

As far as I can see: YES!

Pricewise its much better then LAMB, its much more original!

Get you kicks on:

All on Victoria Secret Victoria Secret Victoria Secret

All on Nordstroms.com.

Price Ranges from $69.95 to $114.95, not bad! Not bad at all!!!


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Kate Moss for Topshop Fall 2009 Collection

The campaign pictures of Kate’s new Autumn collection for Topshop are here! I’ve fallen deeply in love with this collection, except for the sweaters and the coat on the last picture (reminds me of a hedgehog), but everything else, aaah…..pure unconditional love. But I don’t know the prices yet 😉

The collection will be available at Topshop from the 27th of August, so don’t forget to set your alarm clocks!



03-3cfd0be8-8946-47e1-b6e7-0ed812ec54a2 (1)





09-cde4989d-fb0a-4603-b23d-8383bd122e11 08-c86ae95a-812a-42fd-9eef-af6fedc8e601

Pictures from www.teenvogue.com

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