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Have you heard the Gossip?

Beth Ditto to Design for Evans. Beth Ditto, leadsinger from the band the Gossip, is said to design  summer plus sized collection for UK based store Evans!

It’s official! Evans are working with the ever so stylish music icon Beth Ditto on an exciting new collection due out in July. The 80’s inspired range, which she has co-designed, will include colourful graphic dresses, oversized knitwear and a bundle of hot accessories. We will keep you posted on the news, so check back soon for more info!
Beth Ditto


Have you heard the Gossip?


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Cinematic Inspiration – Daisies(1966)

1966 was a brilliant year in cinema, with all the drugs going around, raging psychedelia-new wave this, new wave that.The crazier the better… this resulted in some crazy directors letting all their creativity loose and creating timeless sources of inspiration.

This Czech masterpiece “Daisies“(original title; Sedmikrasky) is about two teenage girls, both named Marie, who decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well; accordingly they embark on a series of destructive pranks in which they consume and destroy the world about them. This freewheeling, madcap feminist farce was immediately banned by the communist government.

Two girls bouncing around in a-line dresses,  one with a daisychain around her head.. this movie is basicaly a crazy moving fashion editorial. so be prepared to be completly confused and weirded out, yet utterly inspired.






























are you wishing for summer so you could make a daisychain too?

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Roxy Music Cover Models

Roxy Music are one of my all time favorite bands. Not only because of the music, but also because  they were the most stylish bands ever.  I read somewhere that Bryan Ferry was  more likely to redecorate a hotel room than to trash it. I guess that says it all…..

The Roxy Music album covers are legendary. The album artwork for the first five Roxy LPs imitated the visual style of classic “girlie” and fashion magazines, featuring high-fashion shots of scantily-clad models. And there are some great stories behind them.


Roxy Music

The first cover model was Kari-Ann Muller. She’s one of the rare models who didn’t date Bryan Ferry (but she later married Mick Jagger’s brother Chris). She got paid 20 pounds, as Roxy were unknow at the time.  Later she played in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. She’s now a yoga teacher and has five sons.


For Your Pleasure

Amanda Lear was the cover model  on the For Your Pleasure Album.  Not only did she model for Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Mary Quant and Ossie Clarck, but she also was the confidante, protegée and mistress of the Spanish painter Salvador Dali. Amanda was also romantically linked to Brian Jones, which resulted in the ironic Rolling Stones track “Miss Amanda Jones”, included on the 1967 album Between the Buttons. In 1973 she was also briefly engaged to Bryan Ferry, and the same year she famously depicted posing in a skintight leather dress leading a black panther on a leash on the cover of  For Your Pleasure. She went on to have a year-long affair with the married David Bowie. In 1975 she started a career as a disco singer. In 1977 she posed nude for Playboy. Despite modelling nude, there are peristent rumours that she was born as a man by the name of Alain Tapp and that she is a transsexual. Joanna Lumley, who plays Patsy Stone in the brilliant comedy Absolutely Fabulous, has confirmed in several interviews that the character Patsy Stone was loosely based on the mysterious life story of a certain A. Lear.



Marilyn Cole appeared on the third album Stranded. She started her carreer as a Playboy bunny in London and modelled for Playboy in 1972 and 1973. She was pursued romantically by Hugh Hefner and Victor Lownes, who at the time was president of Playboy Enterpises. For a period she was involved with Bryan Ferry, but in 1984 she and Lownes got married.


Country Life

The title of the fourth Roxy album, Country Life, was intended as a parody of the well-known British rural magazine of the same name, and the visually punning front cover photo featured two models (two German fans, Constanze Karoli and Eveline Grunwald)  clad only in semi-transparent lingerie standing in a forest. As a result, in many areas of the United States the album was sold in an opaque plastic wrapper because retailers refused to display the cover. Later, an alternate cover (featuring just a shot of the forest) was used.



The most famous model is Jerry Hall.  She was one of the original supermodels in the seventies.  She started her modelling career in Paris, where she was the roommate of model/singer/actress Grace Jones. In 1975 she appeared, in the guise of a mermaid, on the cover of  Siren. Five months later, Bryan Ferry gave her an engagement ring.  Her relationship with Ferry continued and she also appeared in the video for his 1976 solo hit “Let’s Stick Together”. By 1977, Hall had been on forty magazine covers including Italian Vogue and Cosmopolitan. That same year, she met Mick Jagger at a dinner party, for whom she would eventually leave Bryan Ferry. The Rolling Stones song “Miss You” was written by Mick Jagger for Jerry Hall. She appeared in the 1989 movie Batman and  still works as a model.



And finally a cover that I don’t like (the Avalon album), but should be mentioned, because the model (Lucy Helmore) married Bryan Ferry. Only 22 and with Bryan Ferry 14 years her senior, they married in 1982. They divorced in 2003.

Well, I must say, it must have been great to be Bryan Ferry in those days………………………


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New Calvin Klein Commercial Banned

It’s said to be too racey…

What do you think? Soft porn or good add?

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Pre fall perfection: Viktor & Rolf

Another proud and exciting day to be Dutch.

Our best fashion export: the brilliant Viktor and Rolf launched their fist pre-fall collection. My pride and excitement however  are slightly clouded by lust and envy, because ever since my favorite fashion houses began to bring out pre-fall collections, i keep being confronted by a dozen or two more looks that i can not afford with my limited bugdet. On the other hand, the visuals themselves bring inspiration and squee’s of fashion joy and those always do a girl good.

Presenting 25 classic-but never boring looks with that typical V&R eye wink to the slightly quirky; playing with volume of sleeves here and there, this is a pre-fall collection afterall, so there’s nothing too crazy or daring. Still i was surprisingly inspired by this collection!! It has the wearibility and feminine apeal of their h&m collection, but is aimed more at a more grown up proffesional woman. Inspiration comes from a 70s photo of a Russian girl. The Soviet grey-tones mixed with the inevitable late 60s early 70s flair are very visable.. as well as reoccuring long leather gloves and pastel colored flower patterns mixed with tan leather shoes and belts.(*insert squee of fashion joy here*)

Fact: this is not the first time one of their collections has a Russian link, their 1999 f/w collection was called “Russian doll”.


06m 07m 10m 12m 18m


09m1 16m 22m 20m


02m 04m 15m1 24m2






13m 19m 25m 21m

all images from

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she really is getting old…
stop wanting to look like a 20 yr old Madge! Your fine looking as pictured… why change??

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Primark Spring 2009

I think Primark is the coolest store ever. When you’ve got no budget left, there’s always something to score at Primark.  Recently the first Dutch Primark store has opened in Rotterdam Alexandrium. 

Here are some images from the spring 2009 collection. The shoes are dissapointing, but the lingerie is great! 


UPDATE: Check out our latest post with the pictures of the Primark Summer 2009 collection!


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