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Finally…..Topshop goed Dutch

It’s always been a mystery to us Three in a Crowd-girls why every country in Europe has a Topshop store, except the Netherlands…….but finally our prayers have been answered, because there will be a Dutch store in the near future! Our gossip sources name two locations: Amsterdam and/or Rotterdam, but it seems Rotterdam is more likely. No further information yet, so a bit of the mystery continues……

 Topshop Spring 2010 (source:


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Celia Birtwell for John Lewis

After collections for Topshop and Express, Celia Birtwell is back with her legendary prints, this time for John Lewis. Celia is mostly know for her prints she designed  for Ossie Clark in the sixties and seventies, and I love it that her prints are now accessable to a wider audience. Ofcourse nothing beats a divine vintage Ossie/Celia Dress, but if you don’t have the budget for that, this could be some sort of an alternative.


Celia Birtwell for John Lewis Romanian Dancer Silk Blouse, Blue £65

Celia Birtwell for John Lewis Romanian Dancer Gathered Silk Dress, Ink £125

Celia Birtwell for John Lewis Pussybow Silk Dress, Cherry Spot £99

Celia Birtwell for John Lewis Gathered Silk Blouse, Cream £65

Celia Birtwell Romanian Dancer & Romanian Spot Tiered Silk Dress, Ink £150

Celia Birtwell for John Lewis Cherry Spot Tiered Silk Dress, Blue £150

Celia Birtwell for John Lewis Cherry Spot Smock Blouse, Ink £65

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Teenage Rock’n’Roll: The Runaways

After watching the Serge Gainsbourg movie this weekend (fantastic film by the way, go and see it if you haven’t already!), I’m glad to find out that there’s another worth to watch music biopic in the making. This time not French sixties chansons, but American hardrock from the seventies: The Runaways.

The Runaways: Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Lita Ford, Sandy West and Jackie Fox.

For those who don’t know the Runaways that well (like myself, the only thing I can tell is that my ex-brother in law had a crush on them and kept playing Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb for hours), the Runaways were the first succesfull all female rock band, who recorded their first album when they were 16 years old. The movie is based on singer Cherie Currie’s book “Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway”, about her disturbing life as a rock star (think sleazy managers and drugs). The movie chronicles the band from 1975 – 1977 and focuses on their formation and their rise to fame.

Dakota Fanning plays Cherie Currie (middle) and Kristen Stewart stars as Joan Jett (left) – I love the outfits!:

Director is Floria Sigismondi, in the past she made video’s for artists like Muse (Supermassive Black Hole), The White Stripes (Blue Orchid) and Marilyn Manson (The Beautifull People). Joan Jett  is an executive producer for the film.

March 2010 in US cinemas, November 2010 in Dutch cinemas.

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Gangster Chic: Bonnie & Clyde

One of the most stylish movies ever is the film Bonny & Clyde (1967).  The film is based upon the real lifes of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, a bank robbing and murdering gangster couple from the 1930’s, played by Warren Beatty and an incredible pretty Faye Dunaway.

The real Bonny and Clyde


The funny thing about the movie is that it has set the standard for the looks of criminal couples: classic suits, pencil skirts, berets and neck scarfs. (The real Bonnie Parker could never have worn a pencil skirt, because they first made an entree in fashion in the 1940’s….).

The movie is more than 30 years old, but still a major source of inspiration for film, fashion and music today. Like in this month’s edition of US Harper’s Bazaar magazine: 

Or this fashion shoot from the New York Post (2009):

They are currently shooting a remake of the film with Hilary Duff as Bonnie (why!?!), it should be finished this fall. This is how they portraited her in Allure magazine (May 2008):

A musical remake was made in 1968 by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot. The song is based on a poem written by Bonnie Parker herself, a few weeks before she and Clyde Barrow were shot.

And finally, the Raveonettes paying homage to the duo:

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Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

Oh dear, the “celeb turn designer”-trend isn’t ending…….recently it was announced that Madonna is launching a juniors’ clothing line for US brand Macy’s, and Debbie Harry is doing a line of sneakers for Converse. And now Amy Winehouse is collaborating with Fred Perry. Not a bad idea, since Amy rarely wears anything different, and after seeing the sketches, it looks like a match made in heaven.

There wil be a collection of 17 pieces, including a girlish twinset; slim, thigh-skimming pencil skirts; capri pants, a mini bowling dress, and Fred Perry’s signature polo shirts. The prices are  between about $32 and $150. The collaboration will continue over four seasons and it will be sold in Fred Perry Authentic boutiques as well as through select wholesalers globally.

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The Eyes of Mars

Dior is promoting their Lady Dior bags by making four promotional mini movies. The first movie “Lady Noir” was released last year, and the second movie “Lady Rouge” is out now. Personally, I think the movies are not that interesting, but “Lady Rouge” made me jump up and down with joy. The music for the promo film is made by the masters of catchy pop tunes: Franz Ferdinand.  The song is amazing, although it’s completely out of place in this commercial. I mean, the designer bag buying ladies don’t give a f….k about Franz Ferdinand, and it seems such a waste to use a brilliant song in a mediocre commercial.  

The lead vocals of the song  “The Eyes of Mars” are by french Actress Marion Cotillard. She’s not only doing the movies, but is also starring in the printed Lady Dior advertisment campaign.

The movie was shot in New York in 2009, directed by Jonas Akerlund. The next part of  the Lady Dior series will be filmed in Shanghai by David Lynch (!).

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Zooey is with the Band!

An interesting new development in tv land; Zooey Deschanel has signed on to star in US cable channel HBO’s new pilot, which will be based on the book ‘I’m With The Band: Confessions Of A Groupie’.

Zooey performing with the Citizens Band in 2007, looking very GTO-ish 😉

In the book Pamela Des Barres chronicles her adventures bedding many musicians and movie stars in the late 1960s. I love the book and the other ones Pamela penned(“Let’s spend the night together”- a series of interviews with fellow groupies and “Take another little piece of my heart”-about her marriage and life therafter) It goes through the good the bad and the ugly of the groupie lifestyle and is set in an epic era of dirty glamourous rock and roll.

It is magical from a distance but not so much up close. The books are a great read if you’re fascinated by that time like i am. It’s a coming of age story and is not at all trashy as some expect it to be.

In her time, Des Barres added the likes of Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon , Nick St. Nicholas, Noel Redding, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, and actors Brandon de Wilde, Michael Richards and Don Johnson to the notches on her bed post, but while the life was glamorous and exciting for a time, there was always the prospect of a younger model waiting to take her place. There’s a lot of heart break involved.

Pamela was also a member of Frank Zappa’s all-girl groupie group The GTO’s. She later married and divorced musician Michael Des Barres. Together they have a son, musician Nicholas Des Barres, born in 1978.

The half-hour show (assuming it gets picked up beyond the pilot) will chronicle both the highs (some literal, we’d figure, given the era) and the lows in half-hour episodes. Pamela and Michael des Barres are said to be overseeing the whole thing as producers. I hate to be blasphemous, cause i love Zooey, but i don’t think she has got it as an actress to play Pamela. I just don’t see anything in Zooey’s acting carreer to prove that she can convinsingly play sexual being such as Pamela. She does comedy and ditsy, quirky stuff really well.. but drama and the more grown up and serious genre is not her forte. That being said, I hope it turns out great and i do have a lot of faith in Pamela. It would be great to see groupies from that era being portrayed differently from all the popular preconceptions known to most.

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