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R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

Yesterday the very sad news came that designer Alexander McQueen has died. A couple of years ago I saw one of his runway shows on tv and I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen, because what I saw was like an extraterrestrial, magical world of fashion. Since then I’ve always been a big fan.

Just to show a little bit of his brilliance, here’s an impression of his latest shows.

Spring / Summer 2010

The spring /summer 2010 collection was an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves. This vision was shown through short dresses with nipped-waists and sea-reptile prints.  


part 2:



Fall 2009 / Winter 2010

The Fall 2009 / Winter 2010 collection was his protest against the predictability in fashion. The clothes were high-drama satires of twentieth-century landmark fashion: parodies of Christian Dior houndstooth New Look and Chanel tweed suits, moving through harsh orange and black harlequinade looks to revisited showstoppers from McQueen’s own archive.

part 1:

part 2:



One of  his fashions shows that is now legendary was his Fall 2006 collection, in which a vision of Kate Moss appeared: a hologram made by video maker Baillie Walsh, art-directed by McQueen.

Kate was a close friend of Mcqueen and appeared in some of his shows. When Kate had her cocaine scandal in 2005, Alexander showed his support by wearing this t-shirt at the Spring / Summer 2006 show.

In 2009 he made an affordable line for the US retail brand Target, check out our post about that. But the was also made a shoe and clothing line for the Puma Black Label.

He sure will be missed…

Collection pictures from style.com.



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Mini Me Karl Lagerfeld

Italian artist Simone Legno adapts his famous character Tokidoki in honor of Karl Lagerfeld and creates a “Mini Karl” with his distinguished likeness.

For sale on Colette Shop for $129.


So Cute!

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Spring 2010 LAMB handbags + video from clothing show!

Plus just in:

Glam rock diva & fashion icon, Gwen Stefani, expanded her clothing line L.A.M.B into the computer industry (yep you read right) by teaming up with Apple for a L.A.M.B line of MAC notebooks and covers. Before the show on Thursday, Gwen posed for an impromptu photo shoot backstage and she looks completely flawless as always.


2 stills from E-online video’s: the new clothing tag:

And what i find the best top in the collection:

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HL made KILLER heels!

Is Gwen Stefani’s Japanes Inspired line Harajuku Lovers gonna top her high-end label L.A.M.B shoe wise?

As far as I can see: YES!

Pricewise its much better then LAMB, its much more original!

Get you kicks on:

All on Victoria Secret Victoria Secret Victoria Secret

All on Nordstroms.com.

Price Ranges from $69.95 to $114.95, not bad! Not bad at all!!!


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New Brand for Me! Velvet Leaf to make cool fall wear!

Talking bout leafs falling of the trees!

Velvet Leaf delivered some really yummy stuff! check this out:

You can cop it at oa at Shopbop.

Or at their own online store.

And just look at their classy looking website: Velvet Leaf.

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An evening with Viktor & Rolf

This sunday I will spent the evening with Dutch fashion designers Viktor and Rolf. I will wear my pyjamas, make myself a cup of hot chocolate ( the weather is horrible here, so I think I’m allowed to drink hot chocolate in the middle of the summer), and turn on the tv.

There’s a Dutch tv-show called “Zomergasten” (Summer Guests). Every sunday evening there will be a different guest, and that guest can decide what (fragments of) tv-programs and movies he or she wants to see. This sunday Viktor and Rolf are the guests.


What to expect:

  • “Neues vom Kleidermarkt”: a German tv-programm about fashion;
  • “De Vierde Man”: a Dutch movie from director Paul Verhoeven (1983);
  • “Ludwig”: an Italian movie from Luchino Visconti (1972) with legendary actress Romy Schneider;
  • “The Hours”: a British/American movie from director Stephen Daldry (2002) with Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore;
  • The documentary “In and Out of Fashion” by William Klein, with fragments of a young Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Fragments from dancing scenes from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (“Top Hat”, 1935);
  • Fragments from MTV “Made”.

The evening will end with the movie “Maurice” from director James Ivory (1987), with Hugh Grant in his first major film roll. The movie is set in England in the early 20th century, so expect a lot of impressive costumes.

And ofcourse the host of the show will be interviewing Viktor and Rolf.

Sunday the 26th of July, VPRO Nederland 2, 20.12 h CET.

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Hot (not so new) designer: Charlotte Ronson

Last week I was in London and there was a sale at Harrods. Normally I never shop there, but I can’t resist a good bargain. And to my surprise I found a beautiful, 70’s inspired denim playsuit that was just perfect for me. It turned out that the brand was Charlotte Ronson, and then I started thinking that the name sounded familiar. Did some google-ing on the internet, and Charlotte Ronson is the twin sister of DJ Samantha Ronson, and the sister of musician/producer Mark Ronson. The label started in the year 2000 and has become an international brand. So I’m a little late with my discovery (like, nine years late ….). Charlotte is currently the face of Sebastian Professionals Hair Care.

The next pictures are from her earlier 2008/2009 collections. Charlotte herself is the model and even the shoes she’s wearing are her own designs. I love all her clothing………not available in the Netherlands (why are all the great brands not available here!!!), but a part of her collection is on shopbop.com, revolveclothing.com and other websites.










All pictures from www.charlotteronson.com.

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