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Summer’s here…

After the cold depressing weather of the past months we had the first warm days of the year……woohoo! The standard ‘problem’ I’m having around this time of the year is….what to wear to work? I’m soo sick of jeans and my usual black tights seem too wintery. Bare legs isn’t an option at my job. But I think I’ve finally got a perfect solution (other than the usual boring business attire). It’s very simple: take a maxi dress, a pair of heels and a tiny blazer or jacket, belt optional)….done! And the good thing about maxi dresses is that they’re in every store at the moment (scored a perfect maxi dress at H&M) and vintage maxi dresses aren’t that hard to find. Some inspiration: 

Maxi dress by Zara

New dress by ‘Ossie Clark’

More Ossie….drool. From the AW2009 collection.

Great shape, but wacko print….feathers….peppers…empty balloons??

Chloé, Ready to Wear SS2010. I sooo want this dress…..

Dreamy superromantic dress by Laura Ashley in the 70’s.

I’m getting more and more jealous of Lily Allen’s wardrobe. This dress is simply divine.

Vintage treasure

Another perfect vintage dress by Thea Porter.


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All I Want For Christmas…

Is this:

Well, I think it takes way too long to wait for Christmas…

“Photographing fashion, British Style in the Sixties” is a collection of Britain’s most important sixties fashion images, that have remained unseen. Expect photo’s from  John Cowan, Terence Donovan, John French and Patrick Hunt, and clothing from Mary Quant, John Bates, Gina Fratini, Foale & Tuffin, Biba, Jean Muir, and Ossie Clark.

Photographing Fashion: British Style in the Sixties by Richard Lester, 192 pages, published by ACC Editions (31 Oct 2009), ISBN-10: 1851496009, ISBN-13: 978-1851496006.

You can buy it here and even here!

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Another Ending for Ossie Clark

Last year saw the rebirth of the famous Ossie Clark label. Ossie made gorgeous clothing in the sixties en seventies (muted colours, moss crepe fabric, floral prints by Celia Birtwell, empire-lines, trumpet sleeves, bias cut), items that are rare collectables now and they are wanted by many vintage loving girls. So the rebirth of the label was something to be excited about, altough there seemed to be a lot of mixed feelings: It could never have been better than the originals.

The critics got it right this time: the first Fall 2008 collection was quite horrible and didn’t have any connection with the originals. The second collection (Spring 2009) was much better but also did seem to miss the “Ossie” spirit. But finally the third collection for Fall 20o9 was, in my opinion, fantastic.

After three seasons the label is already shutting down due to “market conditions”. The label’s latest designer, Israelian Avsh Alom Gur, left after designing the Fall 2009 collection to design his own signature line.

Check out the next pictures to see the past collections.

Fall 2009 Ready-To-Wear:


00360m 00040m


Spring 2009 Ready-To- Wear:





 Fall 2008 Ready-To-Wear:

ocf0801 ocf0804 ocf0803

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Let’s pretend it’s 1969 forever: Ossie Clark f/w’09

London’s starting to swing again; the revived Ossie Clark line rocked the London fashion week runway monday night with the new Fall/Winter’09 collection. Eventhough it was nothing ground breaking it still felt very worthy of bearing the Ossie name and legacy. Avsh Alom Gur did what the line needed to get it’s kick-back-into-gear-start, by bringing the classic 70s designs back and making them wearable and relevant today. We’ll see where he takes it from here(Spring/Summer’09 was nothing to speak of), but it’s nice to see these classic shapes come back and eventhough they’re not original as being Ossie, they are what fashion seems to be missing nowadays. I love London fashion week, it has so much potential seeing what British fashion has brought us in the past. I like to pretend that people like Henry Holland don’t exist, Pixie Geldorf did not just walk the runway at  Luella and PPQ and that i don’t need a time machine to feel what it felt like to to be Pattie Boyd or Marianne Faithfull in those amazing days.

the strongest elements on the Ossie runway were;

(Floral) patterns
















nymag, elle

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