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Veruschka for Gucci

Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, has again used the Gucci archives for another commercial succes. I love the way she uses the history of Gucci in modern designs, like the Flora scarf pattern and the equestrian iconography. For the new watch ad campaign she used black and white images of legendary model Veruschka, shot in the sixties for Gucci. The male in the picture is actor Peter Sellers.

“The images featured in this campaign are some of my favorites from the Gucci archive,” said Frida Giannini. “They perfectly illustrate not only the glamour of Gucci’s past and the many style icons who were naturally drawn to the house, but also show how this heritage can be relevant today.”


Pretty cool, don’t you think? I even love the watch…


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Kate Moss designs for Longchamp

I love this news: Kate Moss is collaborating with French accessories brand Longchamp on  line of bags. The bag collection will include 25 pieces in seven styles, including a stylish weekender, everyday tote and evening clutch.  Kate has said about this collection:

“The emerald green pochette, whose color I love, I wanted to be very simple, based on the shape of an envelope. I would wear it with all black or all navy. Because I love to wear dove grey, I wanted a bag in that color to go with my grey jeans. The zebra was inspired by an old pony printed valise from the ’70s that my boyfriend brought back from San Francisco, very dry, very trashed, without any glamour, and which I loved. As for the bags in cognac leather, it’s a color and a very supple leather that we found in equestrian accessories stores, and we unfortunately can no longer find”.



The black and white photo above is the only official photo so far, but the February 2010 edition of Russian Elle magazine has an article about this collection, including (small) pictures of the bags: 



I want want want! The collection will be in Longchamp stores on February the 11th and select department stores in March 2010. 

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Jerry Hall for Chanel

The legendary Jerry Hall stars in Karl Lagerfeld’s shoot for the new Chanel accessories catalogue. The photographs are based on Colette’s post-war novel ‘Cheri’, which tells the story of the end of a six-year love affair between an older woman and a younger man, played by male model Baptiste Giabiconi.

“Oscar Wilde said; I like men who have a future, and women who have a past”, says Lagerfeld. “It is this whole idea of seduction that is summarised here that appeals to me. One of a very young man fascinated and attracted by what a woman does: her wardrobe, her perfume, her movements, her allure, etc.”

I really like it that designers are starting to use women of all ages for their campaigns. But the male model, well he looks very, very young, and very, very plastic. He makes it a bit creepy, I think.

It seems like Karl and Jerry will collaborate again soon. He’s shot another portrait of her for the cover of her autobiography, ‘Self Portrait’, coming out in October 2009. Can’t wait to read it!







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House of Harlow 1960

House of Harlow 1960 is the jewelry collection (designed?) by Nicole Richie. The jewelry is said to be influenced by Nicole’s love of the 60’s and 70’s.

I’m not a big fan of all these “celebrities” who become “designers”, and I’m not really a jewelry girl, but I love these pics from the House of Harlow look book. Where are the clothes from?!?






The collection is for sale at www.shopkitson.com and www.shopbop.com.

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