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Sonia Rykiel for H&M

Yep, another designer collaboration. This time H&M has contacted Sonia Rykiel to create a lingerie- and a knitwear collection. The lingerie will be at selected H&M-stores from the 5th of December 2009. The lingerie will also be for sale at the Sonia Rykiel boutiques. The knitwear will be available in H&M stores from the 20th of February 2010.

Sonia Rykiel’s singular fashion story began at a revolutionary time in France: the extraordinary spring of May 1968. Since the opening of her first boutique on the rue de Grenelle in that time of social upheaval, Rykiel has become an ambassadress of a very Parisian, deeply Saint Germain style, with its hallmarks of individuality, modernity and a certain impertinence that the designer calls “la démode” (“unfashion”). Rykiel signatures include inside-out stitching, a preponderance of black, lace, strass, colourful stripes and, of course, the knit pullovers that have become synonymous with the brand.

Well, what to expect? H&M hasn’t published preview yet, but I guess it will look like her latest collections:


Autum / Winter 2008 lingerie collection


Atumn/Winter 2007 lingerie collection





Resort 2010

Source: www.hm.com.


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Jimmy Choo for H&M

I guess you’ve all heard the news already and have marked the 14th of november in your agenda’s: Jimmy Choo will be available  in 200 H&M stores! And because (almost) every girl likes a good pair of ultra glamourous heels, I’m sure it will be a huge commercial succes. This is the first picture of a part of the shoe collection, but there will also be bag collection and a collection of womens- and menswear.

alg_jimmy_chooThe black shoe in the front is gorgeous! I’m not sure about the zebra print shoe, are those studs or rhinestones?

tamaramellon-190609Jimmy Choo designer Tamara Mellon with Margareta van den Bosch, the creative advisor for H&M.

The shoes will be priced between €40 and €200. The Jimmy Choo bags for H&M will be in the same price bracket.

To get an idea about what to expect, check out some Jimmy Choo advertisements from the past.






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Matthew Williamson for H&M – Preview Summer Collection

Following on from Matthew Williamson’s H&M collection that was launched last week, he also created a summer collection that will be available from the 14th of May. This collection will have a wider distribution and a bigger stock.  The collection will be in store longer than any H&M designer collaboration before. Added to this, Williamson has also designed a menswear range for the first time in his career.  

“This summer collection really embraces the holiday lifestyle. The silhouette is softened with the addition of long flowing dresses, smocks and kaftans in weightless fabric, and the peacock palette is warmed by accents of red and pink”, says Williamson.














mwhm8Price examples: kaftan € 79.90, smock top € 49.90, smock dress € 69.90, sleeveless jacket € 69.90, jeans € 59.90, kimono € 49.90, swimsuit € 24.90, scarf € 24.90.

Pictures from http://www.fabsugar.com


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Matthew Williamson for H&M: preview

Ha! The first pictures of the Matthew Williamson collection for H&M have leaked! So here they are:


Williamson with Margereta Van den Bosch, director of design at H&M.


 A copie of the dress Kate modelled for his first 1999 collection.


The orginal dress.








Silk ruffle dress, £100.

blue-jacket2Silk mix blazer, £70.


Sequined dress, £150.


Silk jumpsuit, £150. I love jumpsuits but I hate this. Dear designers, never, ever put pockets on the upper leg!

 The first part of the collection will be in stores in mid-april (spring collection), the second part in may (summer collection: swimwear, hotpants, towels, totes, etc.). There will also be a men’s collection. The materials are more luxurious than the regular H&M clothes and the prices are also (much) higher. The collection, including TV adds, will be modelled by the Polish-born Daria Werbowy. 

 Pics from www.stylefinder.com, www.fashionisima.es

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H&M your home..

My closet could not be what it is today without H&M clothes, there are days i’m head-to-toe in h&m down to the underwear.. It’s the verb du jour, I h&m, you h&m, we h&m.. and we certainly do.

Now the fashion store extraordinaire is launching their first home decor line so that we can make our whole world one H&M paradise. But do we want to?? Starting out with mostly cloth items such as pillows, throws, duvet covers, table cloths, bath linnens etc. the collection will thus far be only available in the H&M online shops in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria.

Having seen what they have to offer so far, except for a few special and original pieces, the collction fails to wow me. I picked out some of those “special” items.. yes they are mostly pillows. I have a pillow fetish.. and they really were the only items i found cute..

It’s a shame, i feel they could’ve done a lot more with the creativity they put into some of their clothes collections. They seem to have played it safe and put out a “divided-red” style collection(for non h&m addicts-read:simple, mostly one-colored basics with the occasional “hip print”)






Here are some campaign samples.. the items are divided into four style cathegories and each feauture kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom items;









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Matthew Williamson as the 2009 H&M guest designer

Since H&M’s first designer colaboration with Monsieur Karl, fall at h&m has become a special time for me.

I was in the first crowds to storm into my local h&m store in fall 2004 for Karl, fall 2005 for Stella and fall 2006 for Victor & Rolf..Then if i did not succeed to find everything i had wanted to get. I’d sit at my laptop at midnight with my heart pounding as the site froze up due to internet traffic caused by the many (fellow) crazy fashioninstas, to score that one item that i NEEDED. It was fun and exciting and for me it ended last year when h&m announcded it’s colaboration with Roberto Cavalli. It was simply not my cup of tea and i thought i’d just skip that year and wait in patience for the next one.. then came this years Comme des Garcons daring collection and with it my beloved h&m had me dissapointed yet again.

Then yesterday i got the text message from the lovely Miss Bonny about this news and since then i’ve been filled with mixed feelings on this subject. I’m definetly not a fan of Matthew’s, but it’s certainly a better pick for h&m and it’s clientelle than the previous two! A reason to be just a little bit excited for sure. I’m also pleasantly surprised that they picked a British designer. Although i wish it had been Luella or Vivienne Westwood i still thank the heavens it wasn’t Garreth Pugh or Henry Holland.

The question is still if this will be a summer colab or a main fall collection. If it turns out the latter, that to me would be most fitting.. while it’s not at all in my personal taste Matthew likes to do the flowy floral/bright colored maxi dress thing and it could turn out alright.



He’s always also been all about the boho/ethnic-chic which is one of my least favorite trends of the past couple of years and i wish it’d just go away(from the catwalks it is, but mainstream streetstyle is where it just won’t go away). Since guest desingers always have to play it a bit safe i think we can expect a lot of his signature style elements in the collection. Keywords; floral, hippie, boho, beading, rhinestones, pastels..  hmm


The one thing that’s also bothered me a bit about both his spring and fall collection that his color pallet seems to always be a bit off. and not in a good way unfortunately..


It will certainly be interessting and i really hope to be pleasantly surprised this time around!

to end on a positive note here are some pieces of his that i do not hate(the dresses sans les fur thingies):



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