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The Wardrobe of a Hollywood Queen

One of the things why I love London so much is that there’s always some great exhibition going on. To my excitement this Spring/Summer the Victoria & Albert museum will have an exhibition about the beautiful clothes of Grace Kelly. And the good news is, I will be in London this Spring together with the two other Three in a Crowd ladies! (Yes, this means I’m dragging you along to the Victoria & Albert).

Grace Kelly In Rear Window (1954), dress by Edith Head

With her mother in the fifties

At the Oscars in 1955, behind her is Audrey Hepburn

On display will be dresses from many of her most famous films, including ‘High Society’ and ‘Rear Window’; the gown she wore to accept her ‘Best Actress’ Oscar in 1955, for ‘The Country Girl’; the outfit she wore for her first meeting with Prince Rainier of Monaco; and pieces from her opulent haute couture wardrobe of the 1960s and 1970s by her favourite Paris couturiers, including Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent.

In High Society(1956)

With Alfred Hitchcock on the set of To Catch a Thief (1955)

‘Grace Kelly: Style Icon’ will be arranged in three sections, tracing her evolution from MGM and Paramount silver screen star to real-life Princess. Three costumes designed by MGM’s Helen Rose, for Grace Kelly’s performance in ‘High Society’, in 1956, will be on show, including a Grecian-style bathing robe, and an embroidered evening gown, along with the black chiffon dress, designed by Paramount’s chief costume designer, Edith Head, for the Alfred Hitchcock classic, ‘Rear Window’.

Wedding dress, designed by Helen Rose

A second section will focus on the dress Grace Kelly wore for the announcement of her engagement to Prince Rainier and the clothes designed for her trousseau and dazzling wedding, in 1956.

The final section will illustrate her growing sense of style as fashion and culture ambassadress of the principality, and will include many couture gowns created for official royal engagements, such as the purple YSL, worn in 1981, to a Royal Opera House gala in London, where Princess Grace met the then Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles.

With prince Rainier

With the  Hermès ‘Kelly’ bag

The exhibition spans fashion across four decades, and includes eight dresses by Christian Dior, an extravagant, beaded Balenciaga jacket, Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Mondrian’ dress of 1965, Coco Chanel suits jewellery by Van Cleef & Arpels, and, of course, the famous, original Hermès ‘Kelly’ bag.

Grace Kelly: Style Icon, April 17th-26th September, Victoria & Albert Museum, London; admission £6.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


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Win a Free Blur Ticket!

Hereby I officialy introduce the first Three in a Crowd contest!

What can you win: a free ticket for the Blur reunion concert in Hyde Park, London on Thursday the 2nd of July! Woohoo!



Well, maybe I should give some extra information first. I was supposed to go to London with a friend of mine, and we both got tickets for the Blur gig in Hyde Park. Which I’m really looking forward to, because I loved them from the very first start (well, not really, I didn’t find Leisure that interesting but I have been a fan since Modern Life is Rubbish). But my friend can’t go because of “work commitments”. So now I have to go alone, and I don’t mind going to gigs alone, but I would like to see the opening acts (Foals, Crystal Castles) and to spend the whole afternoon and evening all by myself isn’t that attractive. So I made up this contest: I’ll give away her ticket, but in exchange you’ll have to go with me….;-) I promise I’m no freak, mass murderer or nerd, and I will behave decently!

Anyway, if you would like to go, just sent me an e-mail: threeinacrowd at hotmail dot com.

Check out the rehearsal for the 2009 gigs…..:-).




blur hyde park



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A Child of the Jago

No, this post has nothing to do with (former) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drummer Nick Jago………

A Child of the Jago is an in 2008 opened store in London’s Shoreditch area. Even though you might not have heard of the store, I’m sure you have heard of the people that are running it – Barnzley and Joseph Core of Agent Provocateur. The name of the store comes from a book with the same title, written by Arthur Morrison and takes place in the London slums in the 1890’s.

Child of the Jago was imagined as a place to sell off the remnants of Britain’s lost empire. An eclectic mix of antique jewelery, vintage sartorial bibles and even parts of McLaren’s record collection is up for sale. Think Civil War, think Napoleon, Waterloo, or Pirates of the Caribbean, and you get the idea.

On the first floor you will find off-the-peg suits, designed by Corres and Barnzley. Vivienne Westwood’s influence is unmistakable in the collection, in the Teddy Boy suits as well as the silk-panelled t-shirts depicting Hogarth. Make your way down the winding staircase into the basement and you’ll find vintage Victorian pea coats, German fighter pilot jackets from the Second World War, a 1950s postman-regulation uniform and other vintage delights, each one a piece of history.

The bad news: no clothes for girls, but worth dragging your boyfriend to……








10 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3NT, opening hours: Monday – Saturday 11.00 h – 19.00 h


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Dedicated Followers of Fashion

In case you stay at home tonight, I recommend watching the next Dutch documentary,  called “Trendspotting Londen”. The documentary is about London as the capitol of streetstyle and shows new young fashion talents. Also interviews with fashion editors Suzy Menkes and HillaryAlexander, Louise Wilson (director of Central Saint Martins) and street fashion photographer Yvan Rodic (Face Hunter).


Trendspotting Londen, VPRO Nederland 2, friday 27th march, 22.55-23.55 CET.

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Dolly Dare

Yesterday I was in London for shopping. And ofcourse visited TopShop. In the basement I found a really cute designer label named Dolly Dare. I loved it so much I got 2 dresses from the brand. The dresses are priced 60-75 pounds. The ones I got were 65 pnd. each.

The dresses I got:

Black Lolita Kinda Dress
Dress Full



Red Leopard Band dress

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Dolly Dare is a brand that only makes 20 pieces per design, so that if you go out clubbing you wont run into a gal wearing that same dress you have on! And you know you have a pretty unique item on!

The brand has its own store, near Carnaby (i visited Kingly Court but didint look at Joie, stupid i know!)
37 Marshall Street, (just off Carnaby Street) 02704343423.



Inside 1

Inside 2

Front store door

Pictures of the store taken from : Fashion-stylist.net/blog

Asos sells some dresses and a skirt, all are on sale for 25 pnds.

Satin Frill Dress Black

Satin Frill Baby Doll Dress Pink

Striped Ra Ra Skirt

Satin Frill Zebra Dress

Leopard Satin Frill Shift Dress



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