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Clog it!

A couple of years ago I walked by a shop window and I looked at the shoes of my dreams. I have a soft spot for heels, t-bar straps and studs, and these shoes had them all combined in one:  the Prada silver t-bar clogs. They were $490, my brain did function, so I walked away. A couple of weeks later, they where on sale, and there was one pair left. In my size. So I thanked the shoegods (hmm, it probably was a shoegoddess) and bought my first pair of Prada’s.  They walk like hell (the wooden sole isn’t exactly comfy), but I never regretted it.

My beloved Prada’s.

The great thing about studded, high heelded clogs is 1) they never look too girly, 2) they make a lot of noise when you walk (I like stomping around), 3) men don’t understand them (in fashion, that’s a good thing) and 4) you can wear them with everything! The only condition is that they must have a very high heel, or else you will look like a Swedish macrobiotic, dungarees wearing type from the seventies. Unless you like that look, ofcourse. So I was really excited to see that Karl Lagerfeld brought the coolest version of all back on the catwalk for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

The 1970’s version.

Chanel clogs from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Alexa (with Tavi next to her), wearing the Chanel one’s. Some girls have all the luck…


I love these, they are (how strange?!?)  from Victoria’s Secret.

Lara Stone in a recent Louis Vuitton advertisment, wearing a white pair.

Miu Miu, Fall 2009/Winter 2010.

MaxMara, Fall 2009/Winter 2010.

Mary-Kate Olsen wearing Chloé clogs and a Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop top. 

And finally the über Dutch version. As you all know, the Dutch live in windmills , we eat some cheese for breakfast, and then we walk out of the door into the wide tulip fields, wearing the traditional Dutch clogs (without heels ofcourse, because they would stick in the muddy clay soils). 😉 These are the designer version by Viktor & Rolf.


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Stephen Sprouse dressing a certain neighbour

Sadly five years ago the American fashion designer and multi-artist Stephen Sprouse died. He introduced bright fluorescent clothing, sixties-inspired outfits and introduced the graffiti print . Fans of his work are Iggy Pop, Duran Duran, Marc Jacobs and many more, but I like him the most for the clothes he made for the hottest female on earth, the überbrilliant miss Debbie Harry.

02mStephen and Debbie, 1987

Sprouse started at the age of 18 working for Halston. Halston was then America’s most fashionable fashion designer. By day, Sprouse dressed celebrities like Barbra Streisand; by night, he haunted downtown clubs like CBGB. In 1975 he moved into a flop apartment in the Bowery, where he shared a bathroom with struggling singer Debbie Harry. Debbie and Chris Stein had recently formed Blondie. Sprouse styled her. He sewed her clothes with classic 1960s silhouettes — swingy shifts and bias-cut draped dresses. He slashed T-shirts, created mini jumpers and  neon headbands.

debbie-yellowDebbie in a yellow Sprouse playsuit (worn with yellow tights)

The asymmetrical one-strap dress she worked in the video for “Heart of Glass” was a Sprouse original, designed from a photo he took of static lines on his TV.  Kate Moss copied the dress for her fall 2007 Topshop collection.


 3229493307_eaf9faeaefThe original Heart of Glass dress, at a Sprouse exhibition

With a loan from his family, Sprouse started his own clothing company. He staged his first show in 1984. He put his models in 1960s styles, women in mini-skirts, men in mod suits, but what wowed the fashion world were his fabrics. Sprouse scrawled graffiti in his distinctive hand, then had it copied into prints. Only Vivienne Westwood had done this before. Sprouse had dyed his fabrics in DayGlo colours. No designer had ever done that.


Sprouse graffiti print used on a Louis Vuitton bag


The same print was used on Debbie’s 1986 solo album Rockbird. Stephen designed the cover.

Long time fan Marc Jacobs organised a Stephen Sprouse tribute, hosted by Louis Vuitton at the Bowery Ballroom in New York on January 8, 2009. Debbie performed in a purple striped Sprouse outfit from 1982.

debbie-purple1Debbie in 1982.


 And wearing the same catsuit in 2009 (!!!)


 Looking cool in a neon green Sprouse dress with rose tattoo print with matching Vuitton bag, 2009.


 No, this isn’t Debbie, but Marc Jacobs with Sprouse all over him. (I know this is a Debbie and Stephen post but I use every opportunity to post pictures of hot naked guys ;-)). 


A book on the career of Stephen Sprouse, “The Stephen Sprouse Book”, by Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha, was released by Rizzolli on January 13, 2009.

For more info check http://www.welovesprouse.com

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Feeling a bit ill?

Recently I’ve become obsessed by the images of nurses. It seems like a lot of men like the image of this caring, sexy young woman that only wants to please the “patient”. To me nurses are very scary. They carry needles, know everything about drugs and when you’re not nice to them, they try to kill you by pushing a pillow in your face (and I’m too sick to escape). But maybe I’ve watched too many Hitchcock movies……

The following pics show all kinds of nurses. 


The friendly nurse who cares about your health by offering sigarettes (?)


Nurse in working gear.


Pretty / cute / sweet nurses (does anybody know what movie this pic comes from?)


 Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) from the 1975 movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  Nurse ratched has become the stereotype of  the cold, sadistic tyrant nurse.


Nurse from hell: Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver in Kill Bill (2003).


My favourite nurse: Shirley Manson in the  Garbage video for Bleed Like Me (2005), directed by Sophie Muller. Using nurse Ratched as a starting point, Manson’s character was created from a mix of 1950s European nurse in costume, and evoking Helmut Newton’s “strong yet vulnerable” photography subjects in her make-up.


The Louis Vuitton Spring 2008 collection. For this collection Marc Jacobs was inspired by the American painter and photographer Richard Prince.


Richard Prince’s Nurse painting was used on the Sonic Youth album Sonic Nurse (2004).


For his paintings of nurses Richard Prince was inspired by the covers and titles of inexpensive novels that were commonly sold at newspaper stands and delis. They were cheap and trashy entertainment, and according to Prince the reflection of what the American people want. Each nurse is distinguished by a personalized name such as Surfer Nurse, Naughty Nurse, Millionaire Nurse, and Dude Ranch Nurse…………

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Not good

New year and new dissapointments..i had high hopes of the new Louis Vuitton ad campaign shot by Steven Meisel when i saw the first few pictures.. styling is nice and demure, Madonna’s face nicely airbrushed. check. check.





then this happend;


She is almost getting to a point where i’m almost embarassed for her.. This just should not have been done. When i see this in magazine i certainly will not feel compelled to buy anything off that page whilst looking down Madonna’s crotch. Who exactly will want to buy the (quite cheap looking-anyway) LV undies? It’s just beyond me. Have her put out another sex book if she wants to provoke reaction, but don’t try to sell high fashion with these cheap and overused tactics. This is not doing LV good..this is certaintly another big low moment since the fake LV monogram bag craze at the begining of the 21st century. All it does is cheapen the apeal of the brand. It’s not about age-ism or controversy, it’s just getting boring, doing this with Madonna all over again, these boundries have been moved already 10 years ago..it’s time to close your legs and move on.


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