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Spring 2010 LAMB handbags + video from clothing show!

Plus just in:

Glam rock diva & fashion icon, Gwen Stefani, expanded her clothing line L.A.M.B into the computer industry (yep you read right) by teaming up with Apple for a L.A.M.B line of MAC notebooks and covers. Before the show on Thursday, Gwen posed for an impromptu photo shoot backstage and she looks completely flawless as always.


2 stills from E-online video’s: the new clothing tag:

And what i find the best top in the collection:


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HL made KILLER heels!

Is Gwen Stefani’s Japanes Inspired line Harajuku Lovers gonna top her high-end label L.A.M.B shoe wise?

As far as I can see: YES!

Pricewise its much better then LAMB, its much more original!

Get you kicks on:

All on Victoria Secret Victoria Secret Victoria Secret

All on Nordstroms.com.

Price Ranges from $69.95 to $114.95, not bad! Not bad at all!!!


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First Harajuku Lovers Store in the World!

Fashion guru Gwen Stefani not only transcends the music and fashion industry, her love for Harajuku fashion style in Japan has culminated in the launch of her accessories apparel brand “Harajuku Lovers” in 2005. With great Taiwanese consumer anticipation, “Harajuku Lovers” is finally opening its flagship store in May. Located in Taipei’s fashion pioneering Xinyi District, this will be the brand’s first independent store in the world.

Gathering of Global Fashion in Taiwan

Situated on the Western Pacific Rim, the island nation of Taiwan is an important hub of transportation. With rich island culture and characteristics, the people of Taiwan have a high level of acceptance for new things; hence Taiwan has become the distribution center for diverse culture and global fashion.

According to report, the ratio of domestic sales and imports for the clothing industry is roughly 4:6, with imported clothing being in the majority. In addition, Taiwanese people’s willingness in trying new things has resulted in the conglomeration of diverse international brands. Whether it’s the hippie, or the extravagant fashion style, are all widely accepted in Taiwan.

Recently, the fashion apparel expenditure of the Taiwanese public is on the rise, with annual sales of between NT$150-170 billion. Therefore, the distributor in Taiwan imported Gwen Stefani’s own brand “Harajuku Lovers” from the US, and opened up a store in Taipei’s Xinyi District (Taiwan). The store is the brand’s flagship store in Asia, bringing a unique mix and match Japanese Harajuku fashion to the vibrant streets of Taipei.

Distinctive Style and Celebrity Endorsement

In December of 2009, Harajuku Lovers doll fragrance was launched in Taiwan, and it became an instant hit with its adorable appearance, and was collected by many Harajuku Lovers followers. This year, the Harajuku Lovers garment, bag and watch will be introduced to Taiwan. In terms of tailoring and pattern, the design retains the essence of the Harajuku style; together with bold and imaginative use of colors, Harajuku Lovers is set to become yet another fashion statement in Taiwan.

Following in the footsteps of LAMB, Gwen Stefani’s fashion brand Harajuku Lovers once again comes to Taiwan. With Gwen Stefani’s distinctive style and trend setting fashion sense, Harajuku Lovers is set to bring about a new American fashion trend and street culture in Taiwan.

Launch of Harajuku Lovers in Asia as Market Test

Taiwan is known as the fashion distribution center in Asia. By selecting Taiwan to open its first store in Asia, Harajuku Lovers perceives great importance in Taiwanese people’s consumption power and high level of acceptance for fashion. In addition, Harajuku Lovers intends to use their Taiwan flagship store as the springboard to the rest of Asia.

source: justnodoubt.net / foxbusiness

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The Art of Kevin Dart

Illustrator Kevin Dart has made some of the artwork for the current No Doubt summer tour. His art is really amazing, very girlie and sixties inspired.

A few months ago he was asked to do a poster for the No Doubt tour. They had come up with the theme “A Clockwork Orange” for their tour, and wanted to be portrayed in a 60’s suspense-movie poster based on the song “Spiderwebs”. Here’s what he came up with:


I think he has done a amazing job, I love it! These are some earlier rough sketches:


And he has done some other great art as well. Some examples:






All pictures from his website: www.kevindart.com.

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Like Clockwork: exploring an inspiration

I LOVE tracing back inspirations. The movie “Clockwork Orange” is one of those neverending inspirational wells. The movie is about the adventures of a young man  who couldn’t resist pretty girls or a bit of the old ultra-violence went to jail, was re-conditioned and came out a different young man … or did he?

The 1972 classic directed by Stanley Kubric is a very unique movie, bordering of the bizar. The cinematography is very bleak and crisp. Stylistic elements that characterize the movie are the bowler hats, the suspenders and contrasting colors, monochrome everything and most importantly the freakish-institutionalized-dandy take on menswear(which when you look at images posted below in female fronted editorials works also perfectly on women). It’s very interessting to see what people can do using the movie as inspiration. Because of the many cliche’s surrounding the movie, reacreating it in different stylistic manners can prove difficult. The road to satire and fashion faux pas is not long, you risk your inspirational source becoming very obvious and it can lose that stylistic edge very easily and become a gimmick. But that it is possible to make it work i will prove to you in images as you scroll along this little post 😉

dfmp_0052_clockwork_orange_1971original movie poster







another very 70s feel poster

In Music

The band No Doubt used Clockwork Orange as one of the main sources for their summer comeback tour.


poster for no doubt’s 2009 summer tour kick off show

“You know, it’s kinda funny, whenever we do an album or a tour we’ve noticed that if we have a really strong theme that everything falls into place better,” guitarist Tom Dumont told Buzznet. “Gwen [Stefani] came up with the Clockwork Orange thing — she started getting into the visuals of those modernist movies from the ’60s.”




Here’s a hint at what fans can expect: “It’s like this space-age modernism — it’s retro and modern at the same time, so we’re building this crazy stage set that has that vibe. We have a bunch of really great artists doing T-shirts and posters that echo that,” Dumont revealed.

Afbeelding 1

In fashion


Citizien K Spain Clockwork Orange themed editorial “La Nueva Bohemia” shot by Sarah Seewar.





Editorial very obviously inspired by Clockwork Orange recreating some of the scenes featuring male model Boyd Holbrook. Photographer unknown.





Rodnik F/W08





Hendrik Vibskov S/S09

In Street Style

article-1131336-03396FF0000005DC-989_468x732 Mischa Barton taking it a bit far..

Last and not least…..

clockwork_orangemuch better than Mischa

sources: tfs, beaconstreetonline, imdb,livejournal

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No Doubt in our minds


Excitement is roaring as the legendary No Doubt’s big come-back from their 8 year long break is in the makes.

[clearspring_widget title=”No Doubt 2009 Tour Widget” wid=”499dfa6c478a1408″ pid=”49a7111c1a51323d” width=”400″ height=”333″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

This band is special to all three of us, in fact we would probably not know eachother had it not been for them putting out great music and launching Gwen Stefani’s carreer with which she was given the oppertunities to venture out into fashion and inspire young females all over the planet.

In 1997 right after my 13th birthday, almost exactly 12 years ago to the day, the first concert i ever went to was No Doubt, at the statenhal in the Hague. It made an unforgettable impression. afbeelding-22I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani from that moment on. Her style; combining ultra feminine looks(blonde hair, red lipstick, black eyeliner) with tomboyish clothes(bondage pants, wife beaters), daring outfit choices(combining leopard prints, tartans, polka dots, sportswear, bright colors) it wasn’t like anything else i had ever seen before. She taught me not to be afraid of fashion and standing out, to wear what you think looks good no matter what people think, to be inspired by past and present and mix it up and most of all to dress for yourself not others. No Doubt were fun, different and they’re music never failed and never fails to make me happy. As they looked down on me from my teenage bedroom wall, from this poster that hung there for at least 10 years, i hoped they’d stay around forever..


It’s been 8 years since the release of their last album “rock steady”. Gwen Stefani has put out 2 solo albums during that period, but eventhough it kept our ears occupied with guilty pleasure music.. no doubt’s what we, the fans, want most! Unfortunately the tour will be continental US only, but we’re hoping they’ll get crazy inspired and put out and album fast, that they’ll promote in Europe and the rest of the world soon enough after.

Still to this day we’re all inspired by Gwen’s style. To me personally, the tragic kingdom era is special and this post serves as a tribute to the time i first got to hear this amazing band..
















Also an excitement announcement was made today on the official site;

After you purchase your tickets through the fanclub, No Doubt will send you a digital download of their STUDIO VERSION of “Stand And Deliver”(originally by Adam And The Ants)!!

Mark your calendars to see No Doubt perform “Stand And Deliver” for the first time ever on Gossip Girl, May 11, 8/7c on The CW.

the AMAZING original..

I cannot wait to hear no doubt rocking this track, what a perfect fit!

sources: nodoubtweb.com, nodoubt.com, greenerpastures.us

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