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Follow in Erin’s stylish footsteps

Did we really need more proof that everything Erin Fetherstone touches turns to lovely? YES, i tell you, yes indeed we did.  Erin has teamed up on multiple occasions now, with a visionary artist/director (twice Ellen von Unwerth and once with her fiance Hedi Ferjani) to make a short film presenting her current collection. For the fall ’09 collection Erin worked together with director Marisa Crawford. The result is a charming  modern fairytale impression of “The Pied Piper” called “Birds of a Fether” in which Erin stars in the title role of the pied piper ..  she walks the streets of New York tooting her bejeweled trumpett and enchants fabulously clad(in EF fall’09- of course) ladies into following her in a parade of lovely.(YES!)

for you some moving and still imaginary:

Afbeelding 5

Afbeelding 6

Afbeelding 10

Afbeelding 12

Afbeelding 14

Afbeelding 8

Afbeelding 24

Afbeelding 25

Afbeelding 18

Afbeelding 26

Afbeelding 39

Afbeelding 37

Afbeelding 35

Erin’s previous film projects.

Wendybird(starring Kirsten Dunst) directed by Ellen von Unwerth

Dreamy Wander (starring Zooey Deschanel) directed by Ellen von Unwerth

Dollhouse directed by Hedi Ferjani

shopbop.com has a whole feature about the collection, including the film(which debuted on their site), a contest and you also for the first time at their site shop the collection!(if your clothing allowence allows you so of course *sigh*)


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Fetherston fairytale fantasy life

Once upon a time there lived a girl..who became a fashion designer. She made perfect clothes for girls who love to dream and don’t want to grow up and become serious, severe and boring. She had the princess kind of beauty; her hair was perfectly straight and platinum blonde and  her skin porcelain white. She wore her perfect fairytale dresses and was friends with the most gorgeously stylish people that walked the earth.

Puppy dogs, pastel colors, flowy gowns, love, romance, beauty, youth, dream homes, perfect city life…This fairytale sounds almost too perfect to be true, yet it is..


The girl’s name is Erin Fetherston. She resides in Paris and lives in a gorgeous appartment with her fiance Hedi Ferjani. She works hard to keep this dream alive putting out beautiful collections each season, usually filled with flowy dresses and whimsical feminine designs that literally look like they stepped out of a children’s fairytale story book. At the age of 25(my age now!!!) she designed an affordable guest design collection for Target’s Go International program. Her Parisian appartment has high ceilings, white walls and antique furniture, marble statues and is very fitting for the fashion royal that she is.





I looove the double framed fashion illustrations going all the way up to the ceiling!




the Parisian lifestyle..


city sightseeing…





good food..


playing games in good company..


dayoutings – on vespa, of course


ending the day with a glass of a good alcoholic beverage in a Parisian cafe..

that’s it, i’m moving to Paris and going to fashion school! 😉

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Bang Bang Girls

005fcGwen Stefani

When i look at my female idols, past and present, it looks like a lot of them have one hairstyle in common. A hairstyle i myself keep copying; the full bang or fringe, call it what you want depending where you’re from..

It can look fiercely feminine whilst giving the girl in question an innocent and little-girl like look without looking too old for it. It frames the face and makes just about any face-shape look cute. Be it paired with long or half long locks or a sophisticated bob, if you’re into that Anna Wintour look. I’m inspired by the pics i posted and need to get my bangs trimmed just a teeny tiny bit, i’ll have to book that in somehow tommorow. Enjoy the pics and call your hairdresser! 😉


Zooey Deschanel


don’t know who they are but they’re bangin’ fabulous


Jane Birkin


Sharon Tate


Pattie Boyd


Jenny Lewis


Anna Karina in Alphaville


Valentine Fillol Cordier and banged male friend


Sharin Foo

AX020270 Brigitte Bardot


Unidentified cute girl, Zoe Kravitz, Sarah Sophie Flicker


Catherine Deneuve


Erin Fetherston and Lula editor Leith Clarke


Gaspard Ulliel and Kate Moss


let your bangs blow in the wind – Sylvie Vartan and Francoise Hardy


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Ode to the peacock chair

I have an obsessive personality, nothing too serious.. i just get a little crazy over items that inspire me and that i feel that i need to aquire, be it clothes, decoration or furniture, i can not for the life of me get them out of my head until i find the right one.

Right now i’m on the hunt. Perfecting my home is the mission and noone will get in my way. The  subject of my current obsession is the wonderful peacock chair. It became most famous in the 1960s, it has a slatted back rest fanning out to evoke the bird’s plume and is usually made of rattan. It makes anyone sitting in it look cool.(i rest my case ;)).

See here some examples of this lovely stylish invention..


Tennessee Thomas in 10magazine


domino mag


the goddess Erin Fetherston


the home of Pearl Lowe – Grazia magazine


Jean Shrimpton and Cecil Beaton


Zooey Deschanel – flaunt magazine shoot


Kirsten Davis InStyle magazine



stills from Klute(1971)

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