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POP! with your red beret

Berets for me are a timeless fall/winter wardrobe must-have.  I have seriously inapropriate amounts of berets and i wear them every winter ever since i can remember.

Now a red beret is something special that’s why it deserves it’s own little post… It really adds a POP of color and 50s class to any outfit no matter how simple. The lovely girls in the following pics demontrate various ways to wear this cute piece of headwear. When worn with cold colortones(such as blue, grey, beige etc.) and perhaps a bit of plaid, it just adds a brilliant contrast and makes you stand out for all the right reasons. This does not mean you have to dress down with the rest of your look.. so put on your heels, paint your lips red and hit the town feeling fabulous!



with an oversized anchor detail on the beret


blogger Carrie from


Jenny Lewis

red beret 2

combined with blue plaid and red shoes


l.a.m.b. fall ’07 lookbook – note the red gloves


Eva Green in “the Dreamers”

Zooey Deschanel in the Oliver Peoples campaign


Nicole Richie, who i wish had added a bit more to the look, but look how the red Vogue letters stand out

get your own;




images: google, tfs,


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Here comes the sun!

For a really long time, actually as long as i can remember, i hear the Beatles. My dad is a huge fan, from the beginning on. And when i was born i grew up listening to the Beatles and Elvis. And even though i like some Elvis songs, i always felt way more for the Beatles music. I started listening as my mom and dad always have a golden oldies radio station playing on their radio. My dad used to and still plays in a band that covers loads of Beatles songs as well. As a few years ago (6 to be correct) one of the Beatles sir Paul McCartney (aka Macca) came to do a show in Holland, i asked my dad if we could go. He was like: No, I’ve seen him plenty of times. Then at his birthday his brother gave him the DVD of that show (In Red Square)  .When he was watching it he regret not going and still does! So we told eachother: when Paul is coming to Holland again, we HAVE to go! So last thursday i found out by reading the paper that Paul is coming. Oh my God, i was so excited! And since my littl brother (14 yrs old) is totally into playing Beatles the Rockband on his Xbox 360, my dad decided to surprise him with a ticket. As sir Paul plays almost or maybe even more then half of his show Beatles songs he has written or cowritten. So yesterday was the morning that the tickets went for sale. Such an annoying system, and ofcourse it ran slow, who doesnt wanna see sir. Paul McCartney live! But suddenly like the best 4 tickets showed up in my screen! (we wanted to get seated tickets, as the venue he is playing is pretty big, and we cant go early so will end up on the back of the field standing) We looked at the venue plan before and we were like: would be pretty awesome if we could get tickets in that area. And we did!! I was sooo thrilled! I didint know how fast i had to pay, cause i wanted to tickets to stay! I got the whole payment and buying finished at 10:09 am, and at 10:16 all good seating area tickets were GONE! Now only some field tickets are left for sale! The tickets are pretty expensive, 90 euro pp, but i’m sure it will be more then worth it! And to celebrate this with all of you, some good old Beatles pictures!




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Kate Moss for Topshop Christmas Collection Preview

I’m sitting here behind my laptop with a big smile on my face. I just saw the pictures of Kate’s Christmas 2009 collection. It’s good. I’s very good.  Lots of black, one shoulder dresses and Asian influences. I’m not going to show you all pictures, the underwear is already shown on the Topshop website, so take a look there. There’s also a small interview with Kate about this collection, definitely worth reading. Also we posted the first leaked pictures a few weeks ago, and I didn’t want to repost them (

Ok, enough blah blah blah, picture time!


Sequin one shoulder dress, 150 pounds.



Cream chiffon sleeve shift dress, 70 pounds.


Navy satin pencil skirt, 45 pounds.



Navy maxi ruffle capelet dress, 120 pounds.


Black grosgrain Victorian jacket, 100 pounds.


Black crepe shorts, 45 pounds.



Hawaii one shoulder dress, 60 pounds.


Black button shift dress, 60 pounds.


Grey faux fur cape, 100 pounds.


Black swirl jaquard coat, 250 pounds.



Black and pink rose silk pyjamas, 85 pounds.


Black ostrich sleeve dress, 85 pounds.


Cream cornelli embellished one shoulder dress, 150 pounds.


Black motorbike flare jeans, 45 pounds.


Gold lurex rope maxi dress, 80 pounds.


Chinese cheongsam dress, 65 pounds.


Black wool cropped jacket, 95 pounds.


Blush holey slinky cardigan, 45 pounds.


Bird print jersey dress, 55 pounds


Black lurex stripe cardigan, 45 pounds.

The collection launches next Thursday, October the 29th.

Pictures from

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Pearl Lowe for Peacocks

Another “famous” (hmm, maybe “notorious” is a better word) person is designing some stuff for a fashion retailer: this time it’s Pearl Lowe’s turn. She has collaborated with Peacocks to design a collection of party dresses for the Christmas season. Daughter Daisy is fronting the advertisements. The Pearl Lowe for Peacocks range is inspired by Bowie’s Hunky Dory album (?). I can see that the dresses have a sort of 70’s feeling, but I don’t really get the link with the Bowie album.


The happy Lowe family at the launch party

Lowe says, ‘Designing my collection for Peacocks has been a bit of a dream. I’ve taken inspiration from the things I love, classic vintage shapes, intricate detail, lace and wonderful textiles. I’m very proud of the designs and can’t wait to see them on the high street. It was important from the start that my designs were accessible and everything is under £40.’

Take a look at some dresses from the collection:  



Black/gold Lurex-lace prom dress, £40



Red lace mini-tea dress, £35




Angel-sleeve, black jersey dress with beaded waistband, £35




 Black sequinned wrap-dress, £40

I never been a fan of Pearl, but the dresses look great. Who cares about the tag when the dress is fabulous? And a big plus is that they’re affordable!

Pearl’s dresses will hit Peacocks stores on November 2 and will cost between £35 and £40. Available in UK sizes 8 to 16.

The online store is here:, but no shipping to Europe……


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Must see movie: An Education (2009)

I was reading some stuff about the London Film Festival, when I noticed these pictures of a beautifully styled movie. The movie’s set in one of my favorite periods, the early sixties, so that explains the beautiful dresses, suits and interiors. The film is getting excellent reviews, not very surprising, because Nick Hornby (he also wrote one of my favorite movies, High Fidelity) has written the screenplay.

The story is about a bright 16-year-old schoolgirl named Jenny (played by Carey Mulligan). Bored with her own smalltown life, she dreams of a glamorous, Gauloise-scented existence as she sings along to Juliette Greco in her bedroom. She’s a brilliant student, plays chello and her parents want her to study in the future at Oxford University. One rainy day, she meets 30-ish David (Peter Sarsgaard), who offers her a lift on her way home from music practise. David introduces Jenny to a glittering new world of classical concerts and late-night suppers with his attractive friend and business partner, Danny (Dominic Cooper) and Danny’s girlfriend, the beautiful but not very bright Helen (Rosamund Pike). David replaces Jenny’s traditional education with his own version, picking her up from school and whisking her off to art auctions and smoky clubs. Much to Jenny’s amazement, David even manages to charm her conservative parents, despite being nearly twice her age. Their romance flourishes, and David whisks Jenny away to Paris for her seventeenth birthday under the pretence of being chaperoned by his “Aunt Helen.” Upon her return home, Jenny is the subject of intense scandal as her headmistress (Emma Thompson) and English teacher (Olivia Williams) accuse her of throwing away her future. Will David be the making of Jenny or her undoing?











Movie trailer:

Based on journalist Lynn Barber’s real-life experience as recounted in her book An Education, the film won the Audience Award for best film at the Sundance Film Festival and had tremendous acclaim at the Berlin Film Festival too. It will be released in the UK in October 2009. Unfortunately no information about when the movie will be released in the Netherlands.

More on

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Early 80’s Madonna

A couple of days ago I’ve watched Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour on tv.  The dance routines, her stage outfits, the video screenings, every detail is 100% perfect. But somehow I got bored by it.  I miss the early 80’s Madonna. She had her brilliant own style at that time and sadly that seems to have gone.

These are my favorite pictures from her from 1979-1983. Without any budget and without an army of stylists (she did work together with French stylist Maripol, who came up with the rubber bracelets and the crucifix earrings), she looks amazing:







NYC Photographs


100 Greatest Summer Songs: Top 25 | madonna_l


One of her first video’s, Burning Up from 1983, directed by Steve Baron. Madonna’s friend Debi Mazar was hired as the make-up artist for the video, Maripol was the stylist and Madonna’s then boyfriend Ken Compton appeared as her onscreen lover.


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Exclusive interview: Sophia Burn, Bassist for The Veils

British/New Zealand band The Veils are one of my favorite acts. I’ve seen them live quite a few times, and after the shows met with the band several times.

They are all very kind and last time I asked if I could interview the only female in the band, bassplayer Sophia Burn. Dutch music magazine OOR named her not only the prettiest female bassplayer that music has to offer nowadays, but also one of the best bassplaying ladies! And she is also one of the nicest persons. She kindly obliged to answer some of our questions!

Do you get to do a lot of shopping when you’re on tour?

I for the amount of time I’m on tour the answer is no – often we get into cities after everything closes and leave before it opens. But I always try. Some cities that I’ve been to a few times I have shops I always try to go to, and that makes it easier – otherwise you can spend hours looking for the good places to go.

What’s your favorite item of clothing and how did you get to own it?

I think my favourite thing is this black velvet cape I have. I got it at a secondhand place in Portland, USA, which is amazing for shopping. Everything is ridiculously cheap, I think the cape cost me twenty dollars and it’s gorgeous, I wear it all winter – it’s been torn and sewn up twice now and keeps on being great. I have a lot of favourite clothes though, I’m a wear something until it falls apart person.

What are your favorite places to shop in London?

I hate shopping in London, and mostly don’t. It’s expensive and busy – secondhand stuff is stupidly overpriced and everything else is mostly gross. I do love Liberty, as a shop, I think it’s perfect, if I had more money I’d be there a lot. I also do occasionally like a skip down Old Bond Street, to look in Alexander McQueen and imagine if I were an oligarch.

How would you describe your individual style?

As I get older I realize more and more that getting dressed is an every day battle not to let my emo side take total control – much like my life.

Who are your style icons?

I don’t know about icons, but Cate Blanchett has lovely taste I think. I saw Laurie Anderson give a talk and she was wearing one of the best outfits I ever saw, it was just a flannel shirt, grey jeans and workboots, but something about it I just loved, maybe more cos I loved her. I like women who wear men’s clothes well – not in a prissy or self conscious way. Patti Smith does a good job. I like people who dress for their work, and people who wear uniforms, like Joseph Beuys.

What’s your favorite music video?

Right now, Shakira, She Wolf. I could watch that thing all day.

Is your on-stage style influenced by other female musicians from the past?

I don’t know. Probably very much so, but not consciously. I find myself feeling a bit of a kinship with the Kim Gordons and Melissa Auf Der Maurs, lately, where they were dressing in a reasonably feminine way but not being especially feminine in the way they were on stage. I like that. My stage clothes go in cycles – one thing will stick, I’ll wear it every show until it smells too bad to wear and then something will replace it.

What was the first concert you went to?

I went to a free Alanis Morisette concert, because everyone was wagging school and going. But the first one I actually went to for the music was this festival in New Zealand. Hole played, and Courtney Love got her tits out. Marilyn Manson also played – it was a pretty naked evening, in terms of performance.

What three records have been the most significant to you?

The Smashing Pumpkins – Melon Collie.
This was the first album I got and listened to over and over. My struggles with emo dressing are Billy Corgan’s fault I think. I still know most of the words.

Sparklehorse – Good Morning Spider
I bought this at random after I read an interview with Mark Linkous and something about him really appealed to me. Given that at the time most of my taste in music was kind of bullshit, I’m kind of surprised that I loved it so much – it was the first experience I had of liking a band that wasn’t just something all my friends liked, and I think it was more special to me for that.

Radiohead – OK Computer
I think Radiohead did something really lovely to a generation, where they made these records but also wanted people to know about music in general – they were always very open about influences and things to check out, and so you listened to other music as a result – when I started listening to Radiohead was when I think I started having an interest in listening to a lot of music, instead of just what happened to be around, on TV or the radio or whatever.

What song always cheers you up?

The Staple Singers – (If You’re Ready) Come Go With Me

What new band(s) should we check out?

Micachu and the Shapes, the xx, and the Mint Chicks.

Do you dress differently on- and offstage?

No, not at all. Though as I mentioned, my stage clothes after a while smell too bad for me to wear them anywhere but on a stage.

Do your bandmembers have a certain style of dressing, and how would you describe it?

I never think of us as a clothes band, but then we are all vain as hell and it probably does show.

Finn’s style always reminds me of if a Texas cowboy were crossed with an Edwardian dandy – he buys things in good fabrics that are well made, but he’s never too busy with it, they’re always functional.

Dan is even more uniform oriented than me. He wears the same tshirt on travel days every time, it’s a Neil Young one. For a man who doesn’t give a damn, I think he does well.

Raife has a totally luxe side that I think he tries to keep in check, that comes out in embroidered detail on shirts and the occasional cravat.

I’d like to mention Henning, cos he’s the one with the most ‘individual’ style, even though he’s not around anymore – we used to tease him about his clothes so much, because he has this penchant for mad shit, like a velvet tophat or a pair of red patent loafers, which on his size 13 feet make quite a statement, With Henning it felt like we were battling against what we saw as a tide of ridiculousness, but then it was also very lovable, and it made him happy.

Is it hard to be the only female in a band full of men?

Not at all.

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