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Zooey is with the Band!

An interesting new development in tv land; Zooey Deschanel has signed on to star in US cable channel HBO’s new pilot, which will be based on the book ‘I’m With The Band: Confessions Of A Groupie’.

Zooey performing with the Citizens Band in 2007, looking very GTO-ish ūüėČ

In the book Pamela Des Barres chronicles her adventures bedding many musicians and movie stars in the late 1960s. I love the book and the other ones Pamela penned(“Let’s spend the night together”- a series of interviews with fellow groupies and “Take another little piece of my heart”-about her marriage and life therafter) It goes through the good the bad and the ugly of the groupie lifestyle and is set in an epic era of dirty glamourous rock and roll.

It is magical from a distance but not so much up close. The books are a great read if you’re fascinated by that time like i am. It’s a coming of age story and is not at all trashy as some expect it to be.

In her time, Des Barres added the likes of Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon , Nick St. Nicholas, Noel Redding, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, and actors Brandon de Wilde, Michael Richards and Don Johnson to the notches on her bed post, but while the life was glamorous and exciting for a time, there was always the prospect of a younger model waiting to take her place. There’s a lot of heart break involved.

Pamela was also a member of Frank Zappa’s all-girl groupie group The GTO’s. She later married and divorced musician Michael Des Barres. Together they have a son, musician Nicholas Des Barres, born in 1978.

The half-hour show (assuming it gets picked up beyond the pilot) will chronicle both the highs (some literal, we’d figure, given the era) and the lows in half-hour episodes. Pamela and Michael des Barres are said to be overseeing the whole thing as producers. I hate to be blasphemous, cause i love Zooey, but i don’t think she has got it as an actress to play Pamela. I just don’t see anything in Zooey’s acting carreer to prove that she can convinsingly play sexual being such as Pamela. She does comedy and ditsy, quirky stuff really well.. but drama and the more grown up and serious genre is not her forte. That being said, I hope it turns out great and i do have a lot of faith in Pamela. It would be great to see groupies from that era being portrayed differently from all the popular preconceptions known to most.


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POP! with your red beret

Berets for me are a timeless fall/winter wardrobe must-have.  I have seriously inapropriate amounts of berets and i wear them every winter ever since i can remember.

Now a red beret is something special that’s why it deserves it’s own little post… It really adds a POP of color and 50s class to any outfit no matter how simple. The lovely girls in the following pics demontrate various ways to wear this cute piece of headwear. When worn with cold colortones(such as blue, grey, beige etc.) and perhaps a bit of plaid, it just adds a brilliant contrast and makes you stand out for all the right reasons. This does not mean you have to dress down with the rest of your look.. so put on your heels, paint your lips red and hit the town feeling fabulous!



with an oversized anchor detail on the beret


blogger Carrie from wishwishwish.net


Jenny Lewis

red beret 2

combined with blue plaid and red shoes


l.a.m.b. fall ’07 lookbook – note the red gloves


Eva Green in “the Dreamers”

Zooey Deschanel in the Oliver Peoples campaign


Nicole Richie, who i wish had added a bit more to the look, but look how the red Vogue letters stand out

get your own;


41pPthJYL8L._SS500_@ ASOS.com

or amazon.com

images: google, tfs, wishwishwish.net

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Dear Creatures Autumn 2009 collection

This year’s Fall collections all seem very much alike: lots of black leather, skinny’s, leggings, boyfriend blazers, thigh high boots, studs and sequins. So when I saw the Autumn collection of Dear Creatures,¬†¬†I was pleasantly surprised. Not a hint of Balmain! Dear Creatures took their inspiration from “outdoor activities”: 1960’s girl scouts, camping in the forests and mid-century Americana. Well, that certainly is something different! Their campaign pictures are also very orginal, I love the retro looking¬†drawings in the background. Cute! I can’t find a lot of information about this brand. Their designer is Bianca Benitez and there have been two collections untill now. It seems Zooey Deschanel is a fan¬†and wears their clothes regularly.




image_10image_09Check their website: www.dearcreatures.com¬†and myspace: www.myspace.com/dearcreatures. A webstore will be opened soon, but if you can’t wait that long check out www.anthropologie.com, www.modcloth.com or www.80spurple.com (or other online stores). The nearest store for Dutch girls is¬†Belgium store Mieke, Baudelostraat 23, 900 Gent.

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Cotton Zooey

The lovely Zooey Deschanel is one of the faces of America’s Cotton Producers and Importers’s campaign “Cotton the Fabric of my Life” alongside country singer Miranda Lambert and singer Jazmine Sullivan.¬† All three ladies shot a very cheesy commercial backed by a song they wrote that apparently had to include the line “the touch the feel, the fabric of our lives. The touch, the feel of cotton;¬† fabric of my life”.

Zooey’s commercial is almost too painful to watch it weren’t for her charming style. I love the looks she picked for the commerical. It’s all very Zooey and therefor very fabulous!







the hair.. the pastel blue

afbeelding-17love the collar and jeweled bow


I do believe this is Zooey’s actual closet




watch the full commercial;


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What to wear on a bicycle?

Sometimes it’s really easy to be totally cool. The latest must-have fashion accessory is a……….bike (???). Suddenly I see all these pictures of girls with bikes, there are websites dedicated to cycling fashion, fashion editorials containing models posing with bikes, and celebs riding them. So funny. Believe me, in the Netherlands everyone rides a bicycle and there’s nothing sexy about them. In real life it means everyone can see your underwear when you’re wearing anything low waisted, the wind makes a mess of your hair and¬†when it rains you have to wear the most unflattering item of clothing ever made: a plastic rainwear suit (the horror). Recently me and Fairynxd went to a party by bicycle, the bike broke down, we had to repair it on the street and we both got our hands covered in non-removable black oil from the wheels……charming.

But let’s not be negative, it’s healthy and eco-friendly, and you can even look stylish on a bike, as these pictures show:


Coolest bicycle helmet I’ve ever seen!


I want that jacket. And the gloves. And the basket.


I can imagine her in a fifties movies.


It doesn’t get any cooler than matching the colour of your bike with your skirt.


Love the pants.


I never thought wearing white pumps can look this stylish.


Check out the yellow duck on front of the bike. 




Boots and checkered cape.


There is a reason why these girls are walking next to the bicycle. Pencil skirts and cycling don’t go together. Believe me, I’ve tried it several times and you just end up look silly cycling with X-legs. Or even worse, fall on your face in front of the traffic.


Zooey Deschanel.


Why is it that every time I wear white tights I look like a toddler? 


Perfect relaxed summer outfit.


¬†Yup, it’s the rainwear suit………… ūüėČ


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Autumn de Wilde and Shirley Kurata

I keep stumbling upon the work of this amazing pair. Photographer, Autumn de Wilde and stylist Shirley Kurata. For some reason their collaboration has not been explored in the media as  much i think it should be! So by means of this humble squeeky fresh new blog i will write and sing the praises of these two lovely ladies.

11portraitAutumn de Wilde (born 1970) is an American photographer best known for her portaiture and commercial work photography of musicians.(she has photographed CD covers for Elliott Smith, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins, The Raconteurs, The White Stripes, Fiona Apple, Beck, Built to Spill, and a number of other musicians. In addition, she has directed music videos for Elliott Smith, Spoon, Ingrid Michaelson, The Raconteurs, Rilo Kiley and Death Cab for Cutie. Her portrait subjects include Willie Nelson, Sean Watkins, Ryan Adams, Sonic Youth, Tegan and Sara, and Wolfmother)

718822_lShirley KurataРstylist and costume designer working on music videos and editorials.  She has worked with musicians, like Beck, Jenny Lewis, Zooey Deschanel, Death Cab for Cutie, Placebo, the Bird and the Bee. She is also a costumer for various movies and tv shows, she worked on Alpha Dog(2006), sons and daughters(tv), medium(tv). Her work has been published in Lula, Domino, Filter, Bust, Filmmaker and Res.

Her style can be described as very retro(leaning most towrds the late 60s early 70s),feminine and most of all instantly classic. Her work usually invloves mixing a soft color pallet with vibrant contrasting colors resulting in easy on the eye picture perfect styling. She has worked on most of her print work along the side of Miss Autumn de Wilde. Their styles fit perfectly together.. transporting the viewer into a quirky little bohemian world of the L.A. indie scene.



arrowsonny3 arrowsonny4

“Arrow and Sonny ” – Lula magazine


under the influence of giants album cover





Jenny Lewis

Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining



Jenny Lewis & Elvis Costello in Filter magazine




Rilo Kiley Under the Blacklight album promo’s

the Bird and the Bee – Again and Again




the Bird and the Bee



new Oliver Peoples campaign featuring Zooey Deschanel and Matt Costa


Zooey Deschanel – Lula magazine

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Zooey home lovin’

The lovely Zooey Deschanel, in my oppinion the best dressed young American star at the moment, has given me an excuse to start my first home decor post at our little blog… She graces the cover of the february issue of the amazing Domino magazine and inside you can find a tour of her quirky yet classicly styled apartment.


Vive la inspiration, i especially love the navy and white walls and the light blue 60s Danish sofa(i want one!).

Skipping to fashion(i can’t help it) I also love her magenta pink tights, i happen to have a pair that i always thought of as a tricky combination item and i never thought of pairing it with¬† cream white! Thinking of it now..I have a couple of cream dresses that would look very cute with those.

her tights are from welovecolors.com a site that i discovered a while ago and plan on doing an order from sometime soon. I want tights in every shade of red, purple, green and blue -except the neon shades, i don’t have to explain that do i? ūüėČ





for more pics visit domino

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