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Eau Mega by Viktor & Rolf

New fragrance alert! After “Flowerbomb” Viktor & Rolf will release their second perfume for women, named “Eau Mega”. The name is a play on the greek letter Omega. Viktor & Rolf were going for something fresh, but they wanted to stay away from sporty and lean more toward feminine; hence the name “Eau” for fresh, and “Mega” for that glamorous touch.


The photographs for the advertisement campaign are shot by Vinoodh Matadin and Inez van Lamsweerde. The campaign features model Rachel Zimmermann, who also fronted the Viktor & Rolf for H&M advertisements. The perfume will be in stores in October. Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega will be available in 30, 50 and 75 ml.



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More from the Primark Fall 2009 Collection

Two weeks ago I’ve posted the model shots for the Primark Fall 2009 Collection. Here are some of the product images, mostly shoes, accessories and clothes that were not included in the model pictures. Enjoy!

primark7Tassel Peeptoe Platform Shoe and Trenchcoat (£25.00)

 primark6Limited Edition Dress and Over the Knee Boot

primark5Cropped Duffle Cardigan and Backless Beaded T-Shirt


Over the Knee Tassel Boot and Lace Gloves (£2.00)


Multi Bib Necklace (£4.00) and Studded Mid-Heel Court Shoe


primark4Multi Strap Platform Boot and Jazz Pump (£8.00)

primark33 Buckle Reptile T-Bar Platform Shoe (£19.00, in silver and gold) and Studded Batwing Sleeve Dress

 primark1Leather Driving Glove and Knitted Trapper Hat


Quilted Chain Handle bag and Peep Toe Ankle Cuff Shoe

All pictures from Primark.


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A Crush at Russh

Yesterday I went to the bookstore to buy myself a bunch of magazines. The summer isn’t the most inspiring time for magazines. They’re usually full with articles about how to look good in a bikini, miracle diets that make you lose half your body weight in ten days and luxurious holiday destinations to tropical islands…… I started to look for something different and to my surprise, I found a wonderfull magazine called Russh. It’s an Australian bi-monthly magazine and their May/June ’09 issue is now in Dutch stores (altough their July/August ’09 issue is already published!!!).

What I like about Russh is it’s perfect mixture of retro and modern. I’s not as sentimental-romantic as Lula, but it’s also not a big parade of trends that only last two months. I usually tear out the pages of magazines I like to make scrapbooks, and I wanted to tear apart the whole magazine…. so that’s good!

Some images from Russh: 










Russh _14






For more info check their website:, blog: and myspace:


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An evening with Viktor & Rolf

This sunday I will spent the evening with Dutch fashion designers Viktor and Rolf. I will wear my pyjamas, make myself a cup of hot chocolate ( the weather is horrible here, so I think I’m allowed to drink hot chocolate in the middle of the summer), and turn on the tv.

There’s a Dutch tv-show called “Zomergasten” (Summer Guests). Every sunday evening there will be a different guest, and that guest can decide what (fragments of) tv-programs and movies he or she wants to see. This sunday Viktor and Rolf are the guests.


What to expect:

  • “Neues vom Kleidermarkt”: a German tv-programm about fashion;
  • “De Vierde Man”: a Dutch movie from director Paul Verhoeven (1983);
  • “Ludwig”: an Italian movie from Luchino Visconti (1972) with legendary actress Romy Schneider;
  • “The Hours”: a British/American movie from director Stephen Daldry (2002) with Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore;
  • The documentary “In and Out of Fashion” by William Klein, with fragments of a young Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Fragments from dancing scenes from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (“Top Hat”, 1935);
  • Fragments from MTV “Made”.

The evening will end with the movie “Maurice” from director James Ivory (1987), with Hugh Grant in his first major film roll. The movie is set in England in the early 20th century, so expect a lot of impressive costumes.

And ofcourse the host of the show will be interviewing Viktor and Rolf.

Sunday the 26th of July, VPRO Nederland 2, 20.12 h CET.

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Memories of the Dolly Dots

Another sad day. At work the radio always plays, and when I was listening to the news this morning I found out that Ria Brieffies from the Dutch pop group the Dolly Dots has died at the age of 52. I was actually much more in a shock than when I heard about Michael Jackon’s death, because the Dolly Dots are so much a part of my youth.

When you’re from the Netherlands, I don’t have to explain who they were, because they were the most popular girl group in the eighties.  When you’re not from here, here’s a small introduction to the Dolly Dots and their infuence on how we all looked at that time.

First you have to know that when you were young in the eighties and lived in a small village at the Dutch countryside (like I did), there was no internet, no MTV (actually, the tv only had two Dutch channels and three German cannels), no H&M, and no fashion magazines for girls. Once in a while there was a music show on tv (Toppop), and sometimes I bought a music magazine (Popfoto).  So I never understand this whole “back to the eighties”-vibe there is today. It was totally crap to live in the eighties!!!

So, all girls between 8 and 12 years old were fans of  the Dolly Dots. It was that simple. Every girl loved them. They had good pop songs, they were nice and friendly and they wore cool clothes. A bit like the Spice Girls, but without the arrogance of Posh Spice.

Everything they wore was copied by us girls. Like oversized t-shirts worn as a dress. Oversized trousers with the legs rolled up in trendy pastel colours. With matching rolled up socks ofcourse. Transparant hair scarfs, tied in a bow. Long, skinny belts, wrapped twice around the hips. But pictures say more than words….

dots4At the start of their carreer in the late seventies. Ria is the second girl on the right.

dots2Actually, this looks quite modern now!

dots7Big hair, oversized clothing, neon colours: must be the eighties!

dots8One of the more horrible examples of eighties fashion. Yes, once I thought this looked great.

dots1Boyfriend blazers with shoulder pads? Nothing new, we did it decades ago darling!

dots6One of the must have items was a hair crimping iron, the one with two metal (!) plates to make waves in your hair and made you look like a poodle. When you couldn’t afford one of those, we made braids in wet hair, let it dry, took the plaits out and tadaa……the poodle effect!

dots5Ticking all the eighties fashion boxes. I wanted the gloves but couldn’t find them anywhere.


The girls looking fabulous for their reunion concerts in 2007.

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Bambi is alive and well and poses for Stella McCartney

Remember the dress from Giles Deacon’s Spring/Summer 2008 collection, featuring a decapitated Bambi print (the dress Lily Allen has been wearing)? Stella McCartney probably saw that dress, and because she’s one of the rare designers who actually cares about the well-being of animals, she decided the poor thing needed a revenge…..


So for her Autum/Winter 2009-2010 campaign, she choose Bambi (!) as the main character (next to model Sigrid Agren).



About her Bambi campaign, Stella said: “I’m a huge Bambi fan, and the film reminds me of my mum. And we wanted to have some fun. The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi”.

Aaahhh……so cute!

Stella McCartney campaign pictures from

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Another Ending for Ossie Clark

Last year saw the rebirth of the famous Ossie Clark label. Ossie made gorgeous clothing in the sixties en seventies (muted colours, moss crepe fabric, floral prints by Celia Birtwell, empire-lines, trumpet sleeves, bias cut), items that are rare collectables now and they are wanted by many vintage loving girls. So the rebirth of the label was something to be excited about, altough there seemed to be a lot of mixed feelings: It could never have been better than the originals.

The critics got it right this time: the first Fall 2008 collection was quite horrible and didn’t have any connection with the originals. The second collection (Spring 2009) was much better but also did seem to miss the “Ossie” spirit. But finally the third collection for Fall 20o9 was, in my opinion, fantastic.

After three seasons the label is already shutting down due to “market conditions”. The label’s latest designer, Israelian Avsh Alom Gur, left after designing the Fall 2009 collection to design his own signature line.

Check out the next pictures to see the past collections.

Fall 2009 Ready-To-Wear:


00360m 00040m


Spring 2009 Ready-To- Wear:





 Fall 2008 Ready-To-Wear:

ocf0801 ocf0804 ocf0803

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