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The World of Fashion Bloggers

First of all a big apology to all readers of this blog for not posting for some time: my laptop has died and I’m having it repeared, and I’ve been away to London (there isn’t a more inspirational place than London….I want to go back!), so that’s the reason. I have so much inspiration to blog about, but since I have five minutes to use my Dad’s laptop I will keep this short….. 

I’ve run into this book: “Fashion Blogs: From musings on personal taste to style reports around the globe” by Kirstin Hanssen and Felicia Nitzsche.


The main part of the book are forty interviews with famous fashion bloggers from all over the world, like Style Bubble, Garance Doré, A Shaded View On Fashion, Glamcanyon, Sea of Shoes, Stil in Berlin, etc. Lots of pictures and articles about fashion journalism, street style photography, party photography and personal style blogs. A great read for anyone with a fashion or style blog…..

More info here!


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Here comes the sun!

For a really long time, actually as long as i can remember, i hear the Beatles. My dad is a huge fan, from the beginning on. And when i was born i grew up listening to the Beatles and Elvis. And even though i like some Elvis songs, i always felt way more for the Beatles music. I started listening as my mom and dad always have a golden oldies radio station playing on their radio. My dad used to and still plays in a band that covers loads of Beatles songs as well. As a few years ago (6 to be correct) one of the Beatles sir Paul McCartney (aka Macca) came to do a show in Holland, i asked my dad if we could go. He was like: No, I’ve seen him plenty of times. Then at his birthday his brother gave him the DVD of that show (In Red Square)  .When he was watching it he regret not going and still does! So we told eachother: when Paul is coming to Holland again, we HAVE to go! So last thursday i found out by reading the paper that Paul is coming. Oh my God, i was so excited! And since my littl brother (14 yrs old) is totally into playing Beatles the Rockband on his Xbox 360, my dad decided to surprise him with a ticket. As sir Paul plays almost or maybe even more then half of his show Beatles songs he has written or cowritten. So yesterday was the morning that the tickets went for sale. Such an annoying system, and ofcourse it ran slow, who doesnt wanna see sir. Paul McCartney live! But suddenly like the best 4 tickets showed up in my screen! (we wanted to get seated tickets, as the venue he is playing is pretty big, and we cant go early so will end up on the back of the field standing) We looked at the venue plan before and we were like: would be pretty awesome if we could get tickets in that area. And we did!! I was sooo thrilled! I didint know how fast i had to pay, cause i wanted to tickets to stay! I got the whole payment and buying finished at 10:09 am, and at 10:16 all good seating area tickets were GONE! Now only some field tickets are left for sale! The tickets are pretty expensive, 90 euro pp, but i’m sure it will be more then worth it! And to celebrate this with all of you, some good old Beatles pictures!




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Munchen based Cut Magazine

For all the creative people out there, this Munchen based magazine, Cut Magazine, is truely a dream come true! Though totally in German, its a lovely mixture of sewing tips, paterns, interrior style and much much more! The magazine is pretty new, funded in March of this year. It’s all about having fun doing it yourself (DIY).




You can order the magazine trough their website.

Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

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Mini Me Karl Lagerfeld

Italian artist Simone Legno adapts his famous character Tokidoki in honor of Karl Lagerfeld and creates a “Mini Karl” with his distinguished likeness.

For sale on Colette Shop for $129.


So Cute!

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I Love Your Style

New fashion book alert! I love fashion books that are a mixture of different styles and ideas (mixing designer with high street and new with vintage), and use different sources for inspiration. I think I found one of these books: it’s called “I Love Your Style” and written by Amanda Brooks.


Table of Contents:


Book images:

And some images of the writer herself:




About the book she has said; “I wanted it to be very commercial. I wanted it to be a manual. I wanted it to be soft cover at a very accessible price point. I always knew that I wanted to sell it in Urban Outfitters and Anthropology and not just Barneys or Bergdorf’s book department. I didn’t want it to be a precious book—I have so many beautiful coffee table books and I can’t say that I ever read.”

I’ve ordered my copy, can’t wait to read it!

First two  pictures from www.amazon.com, middle book images from www.ilovecatparty.blogspot.com, lastest pictures from www.thefashionspot.com.

Amanda’s blog is on the Vogue website: www.style.com/vogue/voguedaily/tag/amanda-brooks.

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Spring 2010 LAMB handbags + video from clothing show!

Plus just in:

Glam rock diva & fashion icon, Gwen Stefani, expanded her clothing line L.A.M.B into the computer industry (yep you read right) by teaming up with Apple for a L.A.M.B line of MAC notebooks and covers. Before the show on Thursday, Gwen posed for an impromptu photo shoot backstage and she looks completely flawless as always.


2 stills from E-online video’s: the new clothing tag:

And what i find the best top in the collection:

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Dutch Beat Girl: Mariska Veres

Sometimes living in the Netherlands can give me a sort of complex. Yes, the Dutch are know for tulips, windmills and drugs, but definitely not for fashion icons and/or music. But then I remembered that one of the best bands from the sixties, and the coolest girl from the sixties are actually Dutch! I’m talking about Shocking Blue, the Dutch beat group from The Hague and their lead singer Mariska Veres. The band started in 1967, in 1968 Mariska joined them, in 1969 they recorded Venus, and scored a number one hit in the US. The band split up in 1975. Unfortunately Mariska died in 2006 because of cancer.

Their music and Mariska’s unique voice still sounds great after more than 40 (!) years. Mariska is to me in the same league as style icons like Nancy Sinatra and Marianne Faithfull. Some great pictures of her and the band are added to this post. If you want to know how to get great hair like her, there is a simple solution: wear a wig like she did (she was always very open about that). She hated being seen as a sex symbol and was never the standard bad girl of rock:  she never smoked and she did not like alcohol (favorite drink: tea).










View Mariska in action (wearing a beautiful coat) in the video for Mighty Joe (we all know Venus, but they had so many great songs, I wanted to show something different). Just don’t pay any attention to the weird ostrich in the first 15 seconds of the video.

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