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All I Want For Christmas…

Is this:

Well, I think it takes way too long to wait for Christmas…

“Photographing fashion, British Style in the Sixties” is a collection of Britain’s most important sixties fashion images, that have remained unseen. Expect photo’s from  John Cowan, Terence Donovan, John French and Patrick Hunt, and clothing from Mary Quant, John Bates, Gina Fratini, Foale & Tuffin, Biba, Jean Muir, and Ossie Clark.

Photographing Fashion: British Style in the Sixties by Richard Lester, 192 pages, published by ACC Editions (31 Oct 2009), ISBN-10: 1851496009, ISBN-13: 978-1851496006.

You can buy it here and even here!


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Another Rebirth for Biba

Oh dear, this is I think the fourth time they try to bring Biba back to life. This time House of Fraser has bought the brand and it’s archives.


House of Fraser will introduce Biba to 30 department stores and online for autumn 2010. The collection will also include accessories, jewellery, footwear, homeware and fragrances. House of Fraser has stated that this time Biba would be “more accessible”.

The design team draws inspiration from Biba’s archives but updates the brand using modern technologies. “We will be making it a lot more appropriate for today and picking up an essence of Biba with flamboyant, sexy prints in silks, knits and dark denims with soft washes.”


fb4b_1 biba3The one and only 60’s/70’s Biba

There will be a Biba Blue range priced at £50 for denim and Biba Gold limited edition pieces priced at up to £200-plus.

I’m curious about the designs, unfortunately no preview yet. But it feels weird to see Biba continue without any involvement from the woman who started it all: Barbara Hulanicki (how about a second collection for Topshop?).

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Beyond Biba movie!

Girls, time to fuel our Biba obsession some more!


Beyond Biba is the first ever film entirely about Barbara Hulanicki. Her life and work has been sketchily documented in fragmentary newspaper features and various television programmes covering 1960s London culture and fashion, but she still remains very much one of those “where are they now?” figures. The re-publication of  her exraordinary autobiography From A to Biba by the V&A in 2007 reminded may of her seismic impact on the British fashion industry. The book however, brings the reader up to the year 1982, leaving a huge portion of her career unwritten. The film provides an invaluable glimpse into Barbara Hulanicky today, in the context of the contemporary world, rather than through the fugue of nostalgia that surrounds the 60s. The film features also amongst others; Kate Moss, Ron Wood, Molly Parkin and Twiggy.

Afbeelding 7

Afbeelding 11

Afbeelding 3

Afbeelding 8

Afbeelding 10

Afbeelding 12

Afbeelding 6

Afbeelding 16

Afbeelding 2

images from the trailer(which can be viewed on the website)


Progress reports such as info about screeinings and press of the Biba documentary can be followed also in the blogoshpere at http://beyondbibamovie.blogspot.com/

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The orange world of Barbara Hulanicki

I’m so very, very curious about the Barbara Hulanicki collection for Topshop, that I used my detective skills to find more about the collection (these detective skills are also very practical when you want to know more about potential boyfriends.  😉 While looking for info I read a lot about Barbara, and she’s a fascinating person. So more info in this post about her and her Topshop collection.

biba-4-uknown_165905sOrange dress. I really like the sleeves.  biba-bag_165907s

Large shopper bag, £25.

6a00e5508e95a9883301156f3b9f56970c-500wi4Printed minidress

6a00e5508e95a9883301156f3b33c2970c-500wi1Suede jacket (£125) with matching shorts

More about the collection: there seems to be a “good girl / bad girl” theme. There’s a T-shirt with an image of a hand holding the breasts (bad girl), and flowing chiffon dresses (good girl). Other items are printed chiffon blouses, skin-tight flares plastered in animal prints, three-quarter sleeve suede jackets and wide-leg jumpsuits with cutaway shoulders.

2395680178_45f3d0b4ceThe designer herself with Kate Moss

Barbara Hulanicki has said some really interesting things about her Biba past and this Topshop collaboration (she now lives in Miami, and works as an interior designer):

  • “Miami is a very fashion conscious town. It’s a bit booby here, there is a lot of showing of everything and the clothes are disco-cheesy and really, really skin-tight. The sun sends people a bit mad. My collection is a reaction against that– it’s got a more European aesthetic and it’s more about covering up – although maybe the blue leopard print was inspired by the city. I haven’t worn any of the collection yet, it’s awfully difficult to get a sample! There is a little suede jacket with shoulder pads that I want. We used small, perky shoulder pads a lot at Biba, but this new generation doesn’t know how to get them right because they have had this awful vision from Dallas and it’s not that at all.”
  • “Topshop works in the same way Biba did. Very simply, clothes go in and out, and God help you if you think too long about buying something because when you come back it will be gone. The originality and imagination that I saw in Biba is still going strong. I came over for London Fashion Week and the audience looked amazing, so individual. I gave Topshop lots of sketches, and having said they didn’t want Biba-style pieces, they chose all the 1960s and 1970s designs. I can’t get away from it. I’m not bothered though, I was completely in their hands – they know their market.”
  • “My work ethic has always been very strong in whatever project I’ve been involved in, and I think that’s down to my Polish roots. Poles just keep on going. I’ve never known an entire nation to work so hard; I think it’s a built-in national characteristic.”
  • “I don’t tend to think about the Biba era that much these days, although people always want to talk about it. People will come up to me and tell me more times than not that they stole something, and I say: “Good for you!””
  • “There was absolutely nothing for young women to wear in the early Sixties. I was desperate, that’s why I opened the boutique. I was 24 and in those days that was very old. Before that I used to draw the collections for various magazines, and I had nothing to wear. It wasn’t like today, the fashion editors wore very simple clothes with one row of pearls, which is the last thing I wanted to do. Many of our customers left home when they were 18 or 20 because they would get all this, “yak, yak, yak… what are you wearing?” from their parents. They would live in bedsits, they didn’t spend much on food, and people hung out in shops like ours, so they had money for a dress a week. Girls would come in the morning with bare faces, then make themselves up in front of a mirror with all the cosmetics.”
  • “Fashion is the first thing that grabs change, and it moves so fast, and some things disappear, and some things stay, but it usually takes on the mood of what’s going on in the world. I’m not young any more, but my fashion dreams never stop. I’d love to do more clothes for the mass public, stuff that’s affordable, that you don’t feel guilty about.”
  • “These days I think it’s sad that modern celebrities can never develop their own tastes. They get swamped with freebies, and stylists. There are only a couple who choose their own clothes and aren’t afraid to make mistakes, like Scarlett Johansson, who does her own thing rather well, and Sienna Miller, who’s always interesting. Paris Hilton is not one of my favourites.”

And check out her house, it looks amazing!







From www.independent.co.uk, www.women.timesonline.co.uk and www.guardian.co.uk

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Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop: First Behind the Scenes Pics

On April 28th, Barbara Hulanicki (the original founder of Biba) is launching her collection for Topshop!

To get a glimpse at the collection, here are some behind-the-scenes pics from the Topshop lookbook video shoot shot by Kinga Burza (a music video director with Ladyhawke and Kate Nash videos to her name).


To be honest, the collection looks completely different from what I expected. The first pictures, as posted by fairynxd (https://threeinacrowd.wordpress.com/2009/02/25/biba-tries-it-at-topshop/), have a retro feeling, this shoot looks more clean and modern. The only thing Biba-esque is the grey puffed sleeved blazer, but the rest……hmmmmm, not sure. You can buy oversized tops and leggings at every store in the universe, so I don’t understand what extras this collection has to offer……guess I’m not really getting it?

Pics from www.insideout.topshop.com

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Pearl, Flowers and Lace

These days Pearl Lowe is probably best known for being the mother of UK model Daisy Lowe or perhaps for being the wife of Supergrass drummer, Danny Goffey. Once upon a time she was the singer of relatively unkown 90’s Brit Pop band “Powder”. She led a wild lifestyle during those days, about which she wrote a book called “All that Glitters“. She’s been putting out  her signature range of lace curtains, cushions and hand-made dresses  for the past couple of years.


This post is about her style and aesthetic. All of the houses/cottages, she has lived in since she moved to the country with her family, have been a big source of inspiration for me. She is a well known vintage fashion collector and wearer and she’s been aplauded for her great taste. But also in her decorating style she manages to also really see what worked in the past and what you can combine to create this fabulous look  and vintage feel(read the quote on one of the posted pictures 1920’s Paris meets 1970’s Biba– can she please adopt me?) Combining lace from her company with blacks, florals, the occasional rock and roll touches(Bob Dylan photo, leopard prints, instruments around the house) atique mirrors and black and white wood furniture.


I collected pictures of all the rooms in the homes she has lived in in the English country side. Take a peek at all of her lovingly decorated spaces:




great alternative closet idea!






most recent home

living room




with Daughter Daisy









perfect vanity table


all the lace..


mirrors and ostrich feathers


another Venetian mirror


a peacock chair!

source: pearllowe.co.uk

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Biba tries it at Topshop



Barbara Hulanicki, the woman behind the Sixties and Seventies cult London emporium Biba, is gearing up for the launch of her first collection for Topshop this spring! The collection, based on a Good Girl/Bad Girl concept, features floaty pieces with tougher, contrasting silhouettes.Biba was re-launched in 2006 with Bella Freud as head of design then continued to put out rtw collections with reminicent of past-Biba pieces. The re-launch unfortunately failed to make the impact on the fashion scene everybody had hoped it would make. It was the second or third attempt to bring the brand back, but this time with founder Barbara Hulanicki on board perhaps it might go differently.. here’s to hoping. The two preview pieces don’t do anything for me, but who knows what to expect, in this case maybe it’s better to have low expectations so that we can only be pleasantly surprised later on.

“Until now, I’ve been working with furniture, so it’s nice to be around silky things again,” she said on the sidelines of the Topshop Unique show. Topshop has been likened to a modern-day Biba – an inexpensive, high-energy, chaotic fashion paradise for the young. But Hulanicki begs to differ. “Oh no, Topshop is much wilder,” she said. The collection will include bodycon dresses and animal print palazzo pants; wide-leg catsuits with cutaway shoulders-a Hulanicki trademark, printed silk chiffon blouses and three quarter length sleeve suede jackets. It will be a 20 piece collection with prices ranging from £20-£120. Topshop is starting to be known teaming up with British design legends such as Celia Birtwell last year and now this unexpected Biba surprise for this spring..


to be continued…

source: wwd.com


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