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Style it like U mean it

Staying on topic with wardrobe/closet inspiration. I discovered a site that needed it’s own post here for sure. It feautres little style and wardrobe tour video’s of various fabulously creative girls and boys.

It’s absolutely brilliant and worth checking out cause it gives you more of an inside into personal style of real people. More so than just random streetstyle pics. It’s like one of those people would take you home and show you around their closet.¬† I love seeing how excited these people are about fashion and their style. It’s very recognizible and made me all giddy watching. If you wanna watch all videos your sunday afternoon will be lazy but well spent, mine certainly was ūüėČ

Ashley Shaw from Stylelikeu.com

Hunter Thompson from Stylelikeu.com

there’s much much more so go check it out!


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Classic Wardrobe Staple: Lace Dresses

I know lace dresses were on every runway for autumn 2008 / winter 2009, but to me it’s a classic that never goes out of style. I like the versatility of lace:¬†easy to¬† dress up (heels) or down (boots), suitable for¬†summer (bare legs)¬†and winter (black opaque tights), and it can be worn with denim or leather¬†jackets, blazers and cardigans.¬†Throughout the years I’ve collected¬†really great¬† lace dresses. I never get bored of them and¬†wear them again and again and again…..¬†¬†¬†

194301_masque1What to wear with a lace dress? Maybe lace tights?

vogue_sep08Karen Elson wearing Prada on the september 2008 cover of Vogue UK.

lg_5112831_Frilled_lace_dress_photo_John_thumb[4]Frilled lace dress from the 60’s by fashion photographer John French.

6a00e553bcfe1e8834010535ac3aee970c-800wiWhite lace, black tights – always a perfect duo.

winter-044_bigDaisy Lowe in bright red lace.

testFrom the L.A.M.B. spring 2008 collection: lace, mini and transparent sounds all wrong, but can look this good. 

Amber Valletta _ Sebastian Faena

Model Amber Valetta in innocently white.

pop1ey6And not so innocent in a black lacey nun outfit for POP magazine.

vhgdrmhjhgLace goes grunge.

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All a Girl Needs: a Leopard Coat

Sometimes you see those lists in fashion magazines about “the ten clothing items every girl has to own”. Usually those lists consist of “a pair of jeans”, “a white shirt”, “a beige trenchcoat”, etc., All very predictable and very “classic”¬† items. But all cool girls should own a leopard fur coat, and that’s never on those lists!

Leopard coats can make any boring outfit (for instance a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt) immedialtely interesting.¬†Throw on a leopard coat and tada…….rock ‘n roll chic!.

P., B., and me are huge fans of leopards prints. Allthough I must say it looks better on P. and B., because¬†leopard matches better with dark hair (and not with my blond hair, it can be a bit too much “Russian blue eyeshadow call girl type”).

For fun and inspiration, here are my favorite pics of perfect leopard coats.

For all political correct people out there: all the fur coats I own are fake. Ofcourse.

6a00d834527a7669e20105351192c8970b-800wiAlthough I like her “librarian” blouse and sweater, the coat makes it much more interesting.

lc8Ten points for this girl for combining her coat with a wide pair of pants (skirt?)

lc7I’m not sure if this is an “official”¬† leopard print, but gosh…the prettiest coat ever!

lc5Another ten points for combining her jacket with a flower print.

lc4Ripped tights, always a good look.


lc6And ofcourse fur is always great for (pretending you’re) wearing nothing underneath.

lg_5006811_Leopard_Coat_Gold_GlovesSixties chic.

2924792_f6e744f7cdBlythe looking lovely as ever in her leopard coat.

stsl04_trendspotting0803Kate wearing one of her many leopard coats.

img_9045as_thumbnailA great Topshop coat. I’m still looking for this coat, so If you have it and want to ger rid of it, leave me a message!

2290749356_1cac00d6edSienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick with her trademark coat.


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Dedicated Followers of Fashion

In case you stay at home tonight, I recommend watching the next Dutch¬†documentary, ¬†called “Trendspotting Londen”. The documentary is about London as the capitol of streetstyle and shows¬†new young fashion talents. Also¬†interviews with fashion editors Suzy Menkes and HillaryAlexander,¬†Louise Wilson (director of¬†Central Saint Martins) and¬†street fashion photographer¬†Yvan Rodic (Face Hunter).


Trendspotting Londen, VPRO Nederland 2, friday 27th march, 22.55-23.55 CET.

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What to wear on a bicycle?

Sometimes it’s really easy to be totally cool. The latest must-have fashion accessory is a……….bike (???). Suddenly I see all these pictures of girls with bikes, there are websites dedicated to cycling fashion, fashion editorials containing models posing with bikes, and celebs riding them. So funny. Believe me, in the Netherlands everyone rides a bicycle and there’s nothing sexy about them. In real life it means everyone can see your underwear when you’re wearing anything low waisted, the wind makes a mess of your hair and¬†when it rains you have to wear the most unflattering item of clothing ever made: a plastic rainwear suit (the horror). Recently me and Fairynxd went to a party by bicycle, the bike broke down, we had to repair it on the street and we both got our hands covered in non-removable black oil from the wheels……charming.

But let’s not be negative, it’s healthy and eco-friendly, and you can even look stylish on a bike, as these pictures show:


Coolest bicycle helmet I’ve ever seen!


I want that jacket. And the gloves. And the basket.


I can imagine her in a fifties movies.


It doesn’t get any cooler than matching the colour of your bike with your skirt.


Love the pants.


I never thought wearing white pumps can look this stylish.


Check out the yellow duck on front of the bike. 




Boots and checkered cape.


There is a reason why these girls are walking next to the bicycle. Pencil skirts and cycling don’t go together. Believe me, I’ve tried it several times and you just end up look silly cycling with X-legs. Or even worse, fall on your face in front of the traffic.


Zooey Deschanel.


Why is it that every time I wear white tights I look like a toddler? 


Perfect relaxed summer outfit.


¬†Yup, it’s the rainwear suit………… ūüėČ


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