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What Courtney Wore…

This is really funny: Courtney Love  has participated with some friends to create a website showing all the outfits she wears. She’s not the author of  www. whatcourtneyworetoday.com, but she sends her outfits by mail or phone on a daily (or so) basis to them, and they post it for her. The clothes are mostly big designer names, but I know she has a big vintage collection so I’m hoping we get a peek at that (please!).

Valentino dress.

Pucci dress, wolford tights and Anne boots.

Versace dress from 1998.

 Alexander Wang sweater and Genetic denim shorts.

Navy Lanvin dress with Mikimoto pearls.

 All pictures from whatcourtneyworetoday.com


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Looks Like Teen Spirit: Frances Cobain

In a sea of full of Alexa’s and Aggy’s, it’s so good to see the next generation of (American) girls having an individual style. I’m talking about ladies like Lourdes Ciccone, Taylor Momsen and Frances Cobain. Especially Frances looks amazing lately, and she’s just 17 years old. I’m positive we will see a lot more great looks from her in the future…. 

At the “Twilight” Los Angeles movie premiere, 2008.

In New York, 2009.

With mum and dad.

Another photo with mum Courtney.

 With Noel Fielding and Russell Brand.

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Courtney Love in Elle magazine

I was happily surprised to see one of my first female style icons on the cover of the januari 2009 issue of Elle UK. And damn yes, she looks great. 





















































It brought back memories of me stealing her style in the early nineties. Ripped up vintage dresses,  little plastic hairclips, white tights, mary janes, smeared make-up, etc. It may not seem such a big deal now, but at the time you had to look like a boy to be taken seriously in the indie scene. So when Courtney Love (at the time the singer/guitarist in Hole) and Kat Bjelland (singer/guitarist of Babes in Toyland) introduced the “kinder-whore” look, it was revolutionary.  So, here are some pics of early Courtney.
































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