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Jip & Janneke Make Up

Ok, this will be a short introduction to Dutch culture to all our foreign readers 😉

The most popular Dutch childeren’s book of all time is “Jip en Janneke” (pronounce: yip &  jen-nu-ku; well, at least something like that). The books are written in the fifties by Annie M.G. Smidt and beautifully illustrated by Fiep Westendorp.


Above: Janneke (left) and Jip (right).

Why all this information? Dutch store Hema has introduced Jip & Janneke make up for grown-ups: lip gloss, bronzer, eye shadow and nail polish. I’m not a big fan of  the colours, but the package is brilliant!



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The resurrection of the rosie cheekbones



I’m loving the make up in the new Lanvin s/s09 ads shot by Steven Meisel.

Iselin Steiro is all rosie cheeked and looking like a perfect supermodel..circa 1988. It’s modeling as it was done by THE supermodels, including the make up and static glamour, i love it!

Reminicent of Roxy Music’s album covers(as written about by the lovely trashcangirl).. it’s an edgy type of glamour..the exadurated high cheekbones and jawline marked by a shiny pink blush, often paired with a blue eyeshadow For years it used to be regarded as very dated and cheesy and seemed to be almost forgotten by the fashion world. I NEVER was a fan of this look either but seeing the Lanvin ad’s it made me think that it’s not so bad when done this way..It’s just not a look to be pulled off in everday life, but in fashion it works perfectly!


Starting in the late 1970s, the days of disco, the pink cheekbones went on to live a life of their own and went to live on in fashion history.






moving onto the 1980s they became softer..





then by the 1990s they were slowly fading away..



stay tuned to see what happens to them next.. 😉

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